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Optimism and Pessimism: The Impact of Outlook on Outcome

Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?
What do you think are the drawbacks and benefits of each?
To what extent do you think your outlook impacts your actions?
Tali Sharot talks about the blame that optimists and pessimists place on either themselves or other factors. To what extent do you blame internal or external factors regarding your success or failure?


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    May 16 2012: Optimism is the wise choice. Life throws a lot of challenges at us like the punches of a professional boxer; we fight personal battles that sometimes come with the force of natural disasters.
    But such is life and we have to live it with courage.
    Optimism builds faith instead of fear. We should build on our strength in our minds.That is the power of words. Words that drives us and fire us up to victory.
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      May 17 2012: This is a quite eloquent support of optimism. Thanks Feyisayo!

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