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What do you think you could be able to achieve if you were to use 100 % of your brain abilities?

In most cases, people use only 10 % of theirs brain abilities. Imagine now that you can use 100 % of it. What do you thing you could be able to achieve? How much it could change ours lives?

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    May 17 2012: At the time the quote was "we only know what 10% of our brain is doing", today with fmri scans and pet scans it's more like 90%. The perception was based on observations of people who lost large parts of their brian through injury but still functioned normally. In fact the marvel is the ability of our brains to "rewire" themselves to compensate for damage.
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    May 16 2012: the claim that we use 10% of our brains is one of the top few on my "common myths i hate the most" list
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    May 16 2012: not sure, but may be many things which are even out of our imagination :)
  • May 29 2012: I can't believe that you actually dug up that old 10% of your brain myth.
    You are already using 100% of your brain, mostly for visual processing, memory (stored under a variety of indexes) and a very good running bayesian difference engine between what you think should happen and what actually does.
    You are probably asking why your brain is not organized better. Thats your fault. You don`t train it well.
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    May 28 2012: Well Zuzanna,

    If I could use 100% of my brain abilites,Maybe create so many innovations in technology that I would device a machine that could predict calamities (natural or manmade ) so that we are more prepared for it . But still that vision is realizable :)

    Best Regards,
  • May 21 2012: anytime,,,as long as you keep forgiving the spelling
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    May 20 2012: I think I would be able to achieve 90% more than I can now and would change my life by 90%. Wishful thinking.

    However, if my son is only doing 10% of what I assume he is capable of ... he is operating at 1% and would only be capable of improving to the now possible 10%.

    100% of someone who is only up to half speed is 50% at best.

    So the 100% would only apply to those who use the full 10% we now are judged to operate at.

    So in the end we would still have smart people and dumb people because smart people must have a way to seperate themselves from the rest of us so they can feel good about themselves. Now I am depressed.

    All the best ............ Bob
    • May 20 2012: if you can use 50per cent of your brain,,youd never need to youd win lotto every week!!besides,its what you use ,its how you use it...and i just realised how many spelling mistakes i made,while talking about using my brain
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        May 20 2012: I do not judge on spelling. I do however, appreciate the reply. All the best. Bob
  • May 20 2012: not sure,first wed have discover our abilities,,then we have to discover,where they end,and learn to advance,,,if we used our brains at 100 %,,,we would succeed im removing our will to live...from boredom and depression,or rather emptiness..
  • May 18 2012: well, we do need to use most of our brains.even though some of our brain is left over from developement (i think, we only use around 90%?) we still use most of our brain. Even so, one of my friends is a snowboarder and suffered a major head injury. he almost died. about a quarter of his brain had to be removed. now he is fine but he has a chunk missing from him. just goes to show you that people dont need all their brain.
  • May 17 2012: I ment that, they say we use 10 % of our brain bout of course there is a lot of cases where people use much more. But my question is, what do you think you could do i you would use 100%. all of it. not 90 or 99 % but all. In my opinion there would be a difference. Still, im young though so probably my view on this matter can be a little bit immature. However i think that if we were able to use 100% we would be able to bring out the farthest memories which would be very detailed or that once we saw something we could be able to repeat it without any difficulties. But you know, its only my imagination. :)
  • May 17 2012: 100% use is called a stroke, strokes are bad. We do use most of our brains, at least some people do.. Just not all at once.
  • May 17 2012: I do not know how important great intelligence is in solving the problems of the world I have known people who I believe were very smart but had other issues that seemed to get in the way of there ability to use there smarts to help themselves much less the world and I have known people who by some standards were not that smart but got things done its a tricky thing this thing called smart and the ability to solve things I dont know if its true and even if its not its a good analogy its said that Einstein had so much trouble tying his shoes that he only wore loafers
  • May 17 2012: i believe the brain works on many levels so are you speaking about intellect or intelligence ?
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    May 16 2012: That's a complete myth.
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    May 16 2012: There is no way to answer that but I think we would probably go insane. More than likely due to sensory overload.