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Can you reach the highest point of happiness while being in love?

Many people believe that love gives you most happiness you can ever get in your life. I'll let myself for not agreeing with that. Personally I think that i will reach the highest point of happiness when nothing will makes me worry PLUS when I'll be in love. But those two things totally don't go the same way because you will never be calm and free from worries if you're in love. SO is love making it harder to reach out for happiness?

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    May 20 2012: Zuzanna, Your statement is "while being in love". Please allow me to change that to "Knowning that you are loved". Have you ever read the story of the ten cow wife? On a small island a plain woman was wooed by a farmer who promised the father 10 cows for the hand of his daughter. A dowery o unheard of size. His display for the hand of the daughter transformed her in the mionds of all the island and made her feel so good she literally transformed into the person she was percieved to be by all others.

    When I come home from a hard day, the love of the "home" and all who reside there lifts me up and provides me with happiness I cannot find anywhere else.

    All of the best ....... Bob
  • May 18 2012: Yes.
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    Jun 3 2012: Well, I have got the similar idea that the happiest time within my life are those periods that I am been totally single. The definition of "totally single" is that u do not have someone that u r interested in in yr heart. Within those time, u r so free, u do nothing but enjoy yrself, however, those periods would nerve last for long, soon enough u will meet someone and get interested in. why? because we r human, being totally single means yr heart is available. Admit it, when a person's heart is available, it means it is always ready for a new relationship, and it would be always seeking no matter u want or not.
    So that the notion that no love no worries is wrong, no love means that u will run into a new situation that totally love means u may have a big trouble in the later future.....

    - - forgive my English if I have made some grammar mistakes, this is not my first language.....
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    May 28 2012: Hi Zuzanna,
    Personally I have reached the highest point of happiness and sadness while being in love ...Maybe its because of release of some hormones within your body.. Its because the emotional bonding that you develop with that person that makes u forget all your worries for sometime.
    At the same time , on the contrary when you realize the very same person cannot be with you anymore, it shatters one's dreams and brings them to the peak of sadness...
    So my answer is yes we can reach the highest point of happiness..

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    May 22 2012: It seems to me that I am truly happiest when I have regained what I had lost or gained something I never fully believed that I could obtain. For example; I feel pretty happy just now in being alive because it was serioiusly threatened a while ago. I feel happy when I can walk without a walker- that would not have pleased me 6 months ago. I also remember being incomparably happy when I got my scholarship for my MA (maybe because no one else in my family had ever had the opportunity to get a degree.)