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Why Don't we do more?

Hello Fellow TEDsters,

I am an active member in my community I enjoy reading through the conersations page. The question I have it why don't we do more? Why don't we create more green programs in cities, plant more trees, recycle more, etc. Why do we as humans never seem to give a cause our all. Why can't we be unselfish for one moment and simply help other people?

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    May 16 2012: Have you investigated the trends in green programs in cities, in recycling, and so forth? Are they not on the increase where you live? In terms of why humans never give "a cause our all," this comes in part because most of us pursue many causes we find important rather than giving a single one our all. People pursue some things through their work, some in their friendships, some in relation to strangers in their communities, some through household behaviors like recycling, some through volunteerism or altruism... But if you feel that you and your fellow students are being a little too selfish and not helping others as much as you should, why not start some service work and get your friends involved? Gahndi said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
  • May 16 2012: Cause normally we're waiting for someone else to do it.
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    May 18 2012: Mothers don't ask why you don't do something, they ask why you did do something. "Why did you do that?" From that it seems the best way to understand why we don't do something is to to understand why we do what we do.For example, I watch reality TV shows about bachelorettes and people who got talent so I don't have time for planting trees. I spend my money on fast- food, techo toys and expensive running shoes so I don't contribute to tree planting stuff. Your answer is: "Because we are busy doing other stuff, OK?"
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    May 16 2012: I agree with Yuri, we are waiting for someone else. We sometimes think our wrong actions are too 'small scale' and too insignificant; , some multinationals hold on to the belief that profit should be made at all cost.
    Industrialisation rides on the availabilty of energy; so that productivity now blinds us to the dangers of unhealthy energy generation.
    We should do more, we should plant trees,recycle, and reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses.
  • May 16 2012: I think this forum is a stage for discussion and inspiration. It is hope that people (you) will become inspired to become active in your community or globally. People are creating growing number of organizations through which people try to accomplish what you suggest.

    Everyone then needs to go and start workign toward that goal.