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What's the best choice you have made?

Just curious whether people are conscious of the good choices they made!


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    May 16 2012: The best choice I ever made ??? Not sure about best but there have been a couple of good ones.

    1- When I realized that I may not be everyone's first choice but I will never be anyones last resort.
    2-12 or 13 years ago I promised someone that I would be her friend no matter what. I would always be there for her and never let her down or intentionally hurt her. I have always kept that promise and a year and a half ago I kept it again only this time in order to be her friend I had to hurt her in the short term.. She has a drinking problem that was getting the best of her. Without all the details let's just say I brought an escalting problem into light. I lost my friend obviously but 14 months later she is doing much better. She got the opportunity step back and make a better choice and thrive Not saying she will never drink again but what was happening will never happen again.. Losing the friendship this way was a small prce to pay because had she continued on her path I would have lost it anyway.

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