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What's the best choice you have made?

Just curious whether people are conscious of the good choices they made!

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    May 15 2012: The best choice I've ever made was finiding the heart to wish my enemies success. This type of thinking puts you in a peacful state of mind, mentally and physically.

    It takes away the feeling of competition by transferring that energy to your overall power to succeed and love.
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      May 16 2012: This is really great thinking... Kudos my brother... This is 100% true ...
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    May 14 2012: To go for my dreams and passsions and give life my all. Life is too short to live cautiously and never persue your dreams. My motto is to take risks without being stupid and to go after everything you want. Live with little regret.
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    May 17 2012: Hi Aneesah:>)
    The best choice I have made, is the choice I'm making in the moment. I think/feel that I explore all available information before making any choice, so I feel confident that the choice I am making is well informed. That prevents regrets. Exploring information well, causes me to be very conscious of each and every choice I make throughout my life.

    Now I am reminded...
    Perhaps the best choice is the underlying perception to view the life experience as an adventurous exploration, in which I am an eager participant, as well as observer. That choice was made as a wee little child.....yes.....perhaps that one is the "best" because it allows me to see all the following choices throughout my life more clearly:>)

    Thanks for your questions Aneesah, which always cause more pondering...or is a choice:>)
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    May 16 2012: I think the best choice is not the one I've made, but the one I'm making everyday. In mi opinion, my best choice is everytime I decide to assume new challenges, new ways to do things, new decisions to take, and so on. In my opinion, we daily need to make worthy choices; the matter is to get the truly spirit into them.
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      May 16 2012: Sean, I agree that every day, every moment even, offers opportunities to learn, evolve and grow and we can choose to go/grow with it or not. The best choice, because it is authentic, self-sustaining and regenerating is to make the "worthy choice".
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        May 17 2012: i agree, Aneesah, I think everyday is the best moment in our lives to learn and evolve. Just 3 days ago, I talked to a friend, after a hard meeting among other people (work's matters) and he asked me for the reason of my joy. I answered that only a feeling of have made the "worthy choice", just as you wrote, it was enough for regenerating my own self this day.

        I also think than no one has the right to miss another minute of his life. The time we have is limited and our duty to make the best possible things for us and for others. This is not an idealism, I think this ought to be a way of life.
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          May 17 2012: Sean, you express it wonderfully.

          I have a genuine sense of your joy. It highlights a conversation I had when my book club discussed How We Choose To Be Happy.

          You say "This is not an idealism". I agree whole-heartedly!
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    May 16 2012: Aneesah, A philospher may present the following answer: I made many choices in the past, many in the present, and hopefully more in the future. Until I have made the final choice I cannot determine which was the wisest or best.

    Since I am not a philisopher my answer would be: The choice I made to chase my bride until she caught me.

    All the best ............ Bob
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      May 19 2012: Actually Robert, this question is a paradox. You cannot decide which choice was the best because in doing so you make a choice.
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      May 15 2012: Dear Don,

      Wonderful, I love your use of GPS. I had a conversation with Stuart earlier today about my GPS, global positioning system, follow my heart, my authenticity and my joy.
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          May 16 2012: Don,

          Like you, I am always conscious of the choices I am making and part of choosing is cultivating practices that support best choices. When faced with "new" or "challenging" circumstances, I consciously create strategies that embody my principles to help me navigate.

          This has developed into a passion for acronyms and metaphors. It is probably not too different from when man modelled himself on the best of nature! Be strong like the oak, but don't resist like the oak, bend like the willow.

          Thank you for the links I look forward to checking them out this afternoon.
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    May 15 2012: The only time I’ve really regretted something is by NOT choosing. That is to say by procrastinating….delaying, sitting on the fence.
    I think the key word here is conscious. I believe AWARENESS of choice is everything. I’ve been aware of good choices and I feel strongly that asserting choice on things that matter is a very difficult thing. I do say that we innately know when we have made a good choice and true maturity is not needing someone else to tell us it was a good choice.
    Ultimately I think that what really matters is actually just choosing…something, get behind SOMETHING. To use the phrase ‘put yourself out there’ .To choose something, anything has a risk, consequences, so it takes bravery.
    I guess that’s what constitutes a good choice for me.
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      May 15 2012: Hi Stuart,

      Yes, there are many gems in your answer! I too have learned that the best choices can be felt. I believe we all have this inner GPS and know when we are moving toward the better choice and reach the best in that moment.

      It does take risk and responsibility and accepting these too, personally gives me the conviction that I am making a better choice.

      I have found the worst choices is when I look outside of myself more than within to make decisions.
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        May 15 2012: Thanks, I really like the phrase 'inner GPS' Aneesah, may I quote you on that?
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          May 15 2012: Dear Stuart,

          you are absolutely welcome! and yes you may. Now I'm liking it even more :-)
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    May 14 2012: When I made choice to fight for the possibility of the existence of God, by choosing to:

    - doubt the existence of God (3 years),
    - not let this doubt happen continuously and fight to find the truth of God (10 years), until no slightest doubt for me, and ended with the truth about the existence of God (at least in my opinion).
    - 2 years more to study how to convert this understanding (faith) become a real experience of God's existence
    - And still continues to strive in order to successfully gain the real experience (beyond faith)

    It's the best choice in my opinion, because this option further expand my awareness of the broader reality than I have ever known. It's the best choice that delivers a big dramatic leap for me to get more subtle on peace & love than before. It's my lucky choice. and I am still waiting for another thrill experiences.

    And yes, actually it's my always never ending greatest choice
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      May 15 2012: Hello Bernard,

      Possibility is a leap into the unknown, a leap of faith and beyond. The best choices are those when we trust our inner navigational system and these are what I call "authentic" choice because they are about expanding peace and love. Yes, choose love.

      In my experience, I have also found that choosing does involve taking on certain practices, actions, and responsibility.

      I agree with you that such choices are "always a never ending greatest choice". It's like every moment is a new opportunity to choose... bliss, peace, love, happiness....
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        May 16 2012: Hello Aneesah

        True. Getting the truth is not only to be expected. Struggling to find the truth instead of playground for children, it is for the adults. It takes courage to deal with persistent mental fatigue.

        Hard enough to get the sweetest fruit. But it's worth. That's the value for the Truth, True Treasure.

        Yes you are correct, i like the way you said "authentic".

        Thank you :)
  • May 14 2012: The best choice I made is when I decided not to try to be like everyone else, but to become myself. I know myself for who I am. I used to wonder if I wasn't 'normal' because I didn't do the things everyone did and which were perceived by society as necessary to be 'happy'. Now I've stopped wondering, I made that choice. I have become myself and even though I still need to do a lot of exploring I can see who I am now. Yes, I might be 'different' but I am happy as I am, and that is what matters.
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    May 14 2012: I have made all kinds of good choices... in the real world - such as choosing to teach myself to paint, to find my purpose, to help others!

    The best choices I make is when I choose to become aware of the NOW, and to notice when I am making disempowered choices so I can choose better.
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    May 25 2012: Loving people.
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    May 17 2012: Thank you very much for your words, you're vey kind. Thanks a lof for the encouragement your words make me feel, because my English is not good and I'm never sure to say what I really want to say.

    I really try to live just in teh same way as we're talking about.

    Sorry for the (language) mistakes.
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      May 17 2012: Dear Sean,

      When you speak from the heart, nothing else matters. No apologies are necessary!
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        May 17 2012: Thank you very much; You're very generous. As I can feel, you also speak from the heart.
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      May 17 2012: Dear Sean,
      You are getting your ideas across really well...very understandable.
      I wish I could speak and write Spanish as well as you write English:>)
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        May 17 2012: Oh, thanks, you're very kind. One day I'll can speak English well, a language which I love as much as the Spanish. Everything is encouraged!

        I feel myself rich, because I speak Spanish and I also adore english language!
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          May 17 2012: Me siento rico porque me hablar Inglés, y me encanta el idioma español:>)

          Cuando se habla desde el corazón, como dice Aneesah, entendemos más que la palabra escrita:>)
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    May 16 2012: Converting to Islam in 2003 - my life has been on a much better track ever since, il hamdu lillaah.
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    May 16 2012: The best choice I ever made ??? Not sure about best but there have been a couple of good ones.

    1- When I realized that I may not be everyone's first choice but I will never be anyones last resort.
    2-12 or 13 years ago I promised someone that I would be her friend no matter what. I would always be there for her and never let her down or intentionally hurt her. I have always kept that promise and a year and a half ago I kept it again only this time in order to be her friend I had to hurt her in the short term.. She has a drinking problem that was getting the best of her. Without all the details let's just say I brought an escalting problem into light. I lost my friend obviously but 14 months later she is doing much better. She got the opportunity step back and make a better choice and thrive Not saying she will never drink again but what was happening will never happen again.. Losing the friendship this way was a small prce to pay because had she continued on her path I would have lost it anyway.
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    May 15 2012: Hi Aneesah and all -

    The best choice I've made was not to stay on in my first job. I was going to settle, but the conditions and contracts later became a bit awkward. I could just swallow this bitter pill and put up with it - or start looking around.
    I chose to start looking. That took me out of my home town, into my favourite country, onto a really kick-ass teacher training course...and on a journey that looks like it's never going to stop!
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    May 15 2012: This is difficult to say but every time when i go for others this is the best choice. I belong 2 small hamlet. Now i have good education , good job. But there is one thing which always strike on my mind , everyone which is belong 2 my village which has not good infrastructure to t live good life , good education . So when i go 2 my village and helping them i feel very happy , i m sending money regularly to educate them. This is good for me , good for my peaceful mind.

    So lastly i think only my education that help me What i want 2 do. So every stages of my life I give priority 2 my education whatever problem i faced. Education is my best choice, I m learning more and more which helps me and others . this is only my best choice in every period of my life.

    Thanks Aneesah Bakker to Start this conversation.
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      May 16 2012: Dear Harsh
      You're welcome! , I thank you too for your response.

      You are living a true Hero's Journey, leaving the hamlet and everything you know to venture into the big world, to achieve the ultimate boon (gift of education and it's many rewards) and returning to contribute to your community. I will add that you are also contributing to a bigger community.

      The world is a better place for your choice!
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        May 16 2012: Thanks for appreciation... God bless u. :)
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          May 16 2012: You're welcome... what goes around comes around... the same of good choices :-)
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    May 15 2012: my girl freind, she is beautiful
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    May 15 2012: .
    Making a baby with a woman from another "race". Because I strongly believe in heterosis and hybrid vigor.
    And also because I simply loved that woman too much. :-)
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    May 14 2012: The best choice I made was to enter the U. S. Navy for the purpose of an education. My family was poor and my prospects for funding an education no better. I had the aptitude for the Nuclear Power program. I knew nothing about it at the time, but was good in math and science skills. It wasn't my primary ambition, but it turned out to be my calling.

    The eduction provided me with skills that would take me throughout my life. I am now retired after having served as the control room supervisor of a city owned utility. I have used the knowledge in many other facets of my life. It still continues to fascinate me.
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      May 15 2012: Roy, looking back, what are the choices behind this choice? What have you learned about yourself/the human mind?

      e.g. to make the BEST of the choices available to you? .. I am interested in learning what is behind our best choices as well.

      I can identify with what you are saying as I entered Social Work also because of "circumstances" and it helped me discover my calling! What I learned from this regarding choice is that I can choose to have an open mind and open heart and this can transform my life!
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        May 15 2012: Aneesah,
        My ambition was to become an architect as my father was a master carpenter. I felt that the military was a must as it would provide we with education benefits not otherwise available to me. My interest in the Navy was sparked by the TV series "Sea Hunt". The recruiter pointed me in the direction of the nuclear power field and I was faced with a decision that would alter my goals. It would require a six year enlistment, but would educate me in a field that had good prospects. I took him up on the offer as it was the best available option for me at the time.

        When I was nine years old, I had an experience while meditating on God. It revealed the basics of quantum mechanics even though I had no prior knowledge of what quantum mechanics was all about. In my navy training, I learned of quantum mechanics, bringing the former experience to light. It began a thought process that would take a lifetime to complete.

        Upon discharge from the navy, I filed for unemployment while job hunting. The city to which I applied for benefits notified me of a job offer to which I would be qualified. I applied for the job, took the test, and was selected as the best candidate. The job wasn't what I was looking for, but I felt it was where God wanted me to be. So I gave it my best, eventually becoming the control room supervisor.

        Meanwhile, I conducted a lot of personal research into religious studies to try and sort out the kinds of experiences that I have had from time to time. The purpose of the research was to determine what I believed, why I believed it, and if I could support my belief in any way. I have not been disappointed. I recently wrote a book about it called "The Merging of Two Worlds". I am presently trying to figure out where the next step will lead.

        I can honestly say that I played the cards I was dealt. But I am not the dealer.
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          May 15 2012: Dear Roy,

          I feel privileged to be sitting here, taking in your response. Thank you for that.

          So much of what you say just resonates so fully with me. I feel so connected to you as you share your story, especially that "When I was nine years old, I had an experience while meditating on God. It revealed the basics of quantum mechanics even though I had no prior knowledge of what quantum mechanics was all about."

          It is clear to me that you must have experienced many insights, epiphanies and breakthroughs. (ps. this is an additional conversation I am having here on TED...

          I am more than curious about your book. I worked through the book "Walking in this World" by Julia Cameron for 7 months last year and had amazing epiphanies, that led me to writing about Walking in TWO Worlds while riding on the bus... it meant that much to me. Since then, I often reflect on this idea of dancing in two worlds and just wrote about this in my journal this morning! This is a synchronicity. Now if only I can find a way to bridge this conversation with my other :-)

          Which 2 worlds? the limited and the unlimited? I really look forward to the privilege of enjoying your book! i wish we could have a whole conversation on it.

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        May 15 2012: Aneesah,
        The two worlds are the scientific and religious (spiritual). Some see religious and spiritual as different. I see the one as a catalyst to reach the other. The fact that it isn't being taught that way is a concern of mine, but I still see them as related as that is how it happened with me. One was meant to lead into the other. Modern religion completely whitewashes it.

        I have had several epiphanies as well as a feeling that I am being guided by a higher spirit. The connections seem to be far more than coincidence. The book talks about my experiences, insights, and the events that have shaped my life. It is available on Amazon in soft cover, hard cover, and E-book.

        I will check out your other conversation later this evening. Have you written a book?

        Thanks for the kind words.
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          May 16 2012: Roy, thank you for the explanation. While I no longer follow a specific religion, I have learned to trust in a higher power and believe there is great value in "rituals"/"practices" and community that comes with "religious/spiritual". .. they do serve as a catalyst.

          I will look up your book on Amazon. We are in different time zones (I just woke up). I have an exciting morning facilitating An Artist's Way session where creativity is seen as a spiritual path!

          I did write a book. Passion to Performance that I use as a "workbook" in my workshops and coaching. You can find it for free on Scribd & Slideshare.

          I look forward to reading your book.