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Mosquitoes are the best tools for spreading solutions - they are the cheapest and fastest way to spread chemicals.

How do mosquitoes grow? Mosquitoes have a very interesting and unique biology. They go through 3 stages before maturity - egg, larvae and pupae. Each species has a different set of conditions required to complete this process. Some species lay eggs on damp soil, where they can remain for years before hatching. Another species needs emergent vegetation (such as the common cattail) to complete this process. Other species need saltwater to develop. One basic fact that is constant for all species - stagnant water is required for the maturation cycle.
We can altered this to make them carry the cure and not the diseases."
When a mosquito bites you and its only the females who do, she sucks up some of your blood and leaves something behind, her saliva. Mosquito saliva contains a chemical that stops the blood from clotting, thinning it out so she can finish her lunch.mosquitoes can pass along diseases like West Nile,the protozoa that causes malaria, also carry the virus for yellow fever and dengue fever. In Australia, mosquitoes are carriers of the Ross River Fever and Barmah Forest virus.
Lets try to work with them by helping us to carry the cure and not the diseases."


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  • May 15 2012: what cure will the mosquitoes carry?

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