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The most efficient education

These days a better education is on top of the Obama administrations agenda and I wish to share my thoughts for the most efficient education. First I will explain what America is doing and then I'll tell you what I think they should be doing.
1)American education doesn't seem to teach American students by the textbooks enough. Sure they use the textbook but they don't use all of it nor do they use it in order of the table of contents. This is a problem for 3 reasons.
1.Each child will go through a different education experience and that might bring a disadvantage for some students.
2.Changing the education process is harder cause they don't teach by the book. Even if they change the book there will only be minor changes.
3.A student cannot study ahead of time.
The textbook being used more will make the next idea I have possible. It's the 3 step study system. Precede, class, repeat. The student studies ahead of time before class, takes the class and then for the final touch look back at what the student learned. This isn't even possible because of the current system, It shouldn't be so hard to start studying.
Of course this will be ideal if the textbooks got thinner, government controlled, and more portable(Not hardcover).

2) Make a free education videos that are top notch on quality. This will make kids in all areas of the country have access to quality education. The best teachers should do this or it will be rendered useless.


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  • Mar 12 2011: Yes I agree that schools do not teach enough from text books but there is a myriad of problems with textbooks in the first place. I'm sure that the reason we dont teach the entire text book in order today is because we lowered the standards at some point so that other students in lower preforming areas could have a better chance at eduction. On that note, it would be harder however for students in lower preforming areas to read and go over material before class because they have many other obligations or obstacles blocking them from doing so.

    Stepping outside of demographics however, you will see that children's minds have already been rewired. Visual learning is becoming much more effective in teaching. It is because of that that I strongly agree with your second point. The current format of textbooks is very out of date for todays visual learning student. We must keep textbooks without a doubt but we must reformat them and couple this with a supply educational videos that will give the lecture portion of class on whatever material is being presented that day. Then, we will leave the bulk of the class time to human contact. Teachers would then have time to be one on one with their students instead of lifelessly reading from a textbook that dose not click with the student in the first place. Students themselves can form somewhat of a class discussion during sometime after the video lecture
    • Mar 13 2011: That's another problem with education. We care too much for the people who preform worse than others. Maybe in the younger years of education people it makes sense to help them but later on people who do worse are doing worse because they don't care. Why should the students doing exceptionally well have to sacrifice better education because of people who quit?
      • May 4 2011: Ilhyun Jo, it seems to me that you too set on your own idea that every child should be given the same kind of treatment. Some children do bad in school for a lot of reasons. It doesn't mean that they don't care. If you haven't done so, I suggest you see a talk by Ken Robinson titled "School kills creativity".. that would provide some food for thought.

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