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A megalithic building equation using Edward Leedskalnin as 1.

One Edward Leedskalnin = 236 tons of rock produced to a form and function over a given period of time 12 years with no known machines to lift and move blocks in excess of 30 tons. Don't write genius out of history. How many Edward Leedskalnin's would it take to produce a pyramid in say Egypt? Give Edward a place in history that is fitting of his life's work. Edward Leedskalnin = (S16) and lets start looking at the past with a realistic approach to reconstruct the future with an accurate view of the work accomplished an the actual numbers it would take to produce and support a pyramid or basic megalithic structure.

If you can make the first step in logic with my buddy ED then I can show you how to date megalithic structures around the globe. If not it feels good to write it down every now and then and laugh. Water takes the path of least resistance just like me.

  • May 14 2012: Egyptians used an advantage that is so simple it goes right over the top of the heads of people who are looking when the answer has been there in their faces the whole time Hint Hint Hint TIME. Simple machines that leave no marks and are not high tech,sci fi or whatever other BS weak minded thinkers/problem solvers can come up with in the absence of explanation or the scientific method or experimental archeology that explains all the faulty models built on the backs of all the other faulty models.

    I have a new one that is simple and sweet like Eds 16 I dont want credit but at the same time i would like to give Ed his Credit because he is an inspiration to my imagination. I feel conflicted cause i dont know what it means to solve problems other folks just guess at. When you get it have fun and enjoy the ride. I hope it breaks down the walls of bad Science with A Little LIGHT.
  • May 14 2012: I am saying that he is the only known in an equation of unknowns with a set amount of known material over time moved. This gives a working model for use in a computer simulation. If there are some facts that i am missing about 4th grade educated 99lb Ed please enlighten me. I offer you an idea and now you need to offer some something other then guesswork to how he built it otherwise Edward is indeed representative of a megalithic builder no matter how you think he built it because he is indeed equal to one and no one else is equal to him that I no of.
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    May 13 2012: Such things as bone strength and muscle work limits preclude the possibility that Ed lifted the massive pieces of coral with no mechanical advantage, aka machine. IF he harvested the coral, and IF he single-handedly moved each piece to its final location, then he definitely had a mechanical advantage. Thus the key word in your intro. is "KNOWN". I notice you did not say he had no machine help, but no KNOWN machine help. If he built the coral gardens, how did he build them? We know his research was in electricity. Egyptians used human power unassisted by yet-to-be-discovered electricity. Are you intimating that Ed, or X number of Eds, could have built a full-scale pyramid in Egypt? What are you talking about?