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Ted Talks meets "Pandora Radio"?

I had an idea a few weeks ago while listening to my Pandora radio. It would be nice to merge Ted talks with the format of Pandora radio.

For those that don't know, Pandora is an app that allows you to customize your own radio station based on your favorite artists. You type in an artists’ name, and their music is played, as well as music by others of a similar style and content.

It would be great for those road trips, or days at the desk to have ted talks by our favorite speakers, and talks similar to our favorites. With features like marking talks as favorites so they remain in the rotation, skipping others and deleting them from the rotation, as well as building a custom playlist.

I think many people will find this to be useful, I know I would. I put the idea out there, if anyone is looking to help bring this idea to life, feel free to email me.

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    R H

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    May 15 2012: I'm a Pandora subscriber. I would like to be able to choose my own 'style' of TED talks streamed to me, but would also like to have access to a playlist of all talks available.I'm a bit eclectic in my tastes, and I may be sometimes interested in certain specific talks within subjects or 'styles' I'm not normally interested in. So as it would be great to have streaming audio-only TED talks, but would also like mulit-device access to all available talks.
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    May 14 2012: Speaking of TEDtalks on radio -- TED has recently launched Radio hour with NPR --