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How could we do, as parents, to accelerate the application of Ken Robinson's ideas to schools?

When our child get a given age (diff. in any country) too many families do not question if the ed. system is healthy enough to receive our children on one side. And besides that, too many people do not quest. either, if the present ed. system (which is more or less the same everywh. with counted except.) is actually help. their/our kids to face the future with hope and confidence. Why?

In my opinion… bc ourselves are living too, a low-healthy life with stress, worries and the like; even with poverty in a lot of places and increasing in number and in geog.extension. Anyone really thinks that this is going to turn around any time soon, or not so soon?

We don’t

Before we run out of any basic natural resource, we might have to face some previous problem: a highly violent society on every aspect, since the highest form of violence is poverty and all the social illnesses take off from poverty and scarcity

As Ken Robinson, we think ed. is one of the few tools we have left to change society and we dare ourselves and you too, to find ways to implement new approaches to ed. in democratic societies

Here a couple of examples of what we are performing
1. Among a short number of families, we have created a small free school for our own kids, based on the philosophy of authors such as Neil, Reich or Greenberg.
2. Since 2006 we organize a conference (kind of TEDTalks) centered in child rearing and educ. and we try to spread scientific knowledge on this field (www.laserrada.org). There is an almost total and global ignorance about parenting in our society. The scn. advances in this field do not get anywhere: not to the health professionals, not to the ed. profess. and, of course, not to the parents

Every year we get more and more people although still too low… at this rate we'll not be able to see the chg, and this shift is too necessary and too relevant to leave it to our offspring

So then… any ideas?

Thx a lot for choosing this conversation!