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What is your TED talk commentary?

Has anyone noticed the running commentaries that one can derive from the various series of newly posted (chronologically posted) talks?
From Reuben Margolin to Jose Bowen, in one sentence each here is my example:

We can create beautiful art. We can create a sense of freedom. Do we correctly perceive what is revealed to us? I don't know, maybe I won't ever know. Maybe I don't know what is beautiful. Sometimes what matter to us is very subtle. I should pay close attention to anything I take in. I could remember anything if I wanted to. I could use humour as my transition medium. The tools I use may change the nature of what I do.

What is your running commentary?
(please add links)

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    May 14 2012: Just as an icebreaker, and with apologies, here is my "running commentary". . .
    Running is unnatural except from enemies and to the bathroom.
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    May 21 2012: Mine has changed since I experienced 2 hemmoragic strokes as a result of a surgery to remove a tumour from my spine. Now I ask myself "Is this worth dying for?"