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Whether the talented people’s leadership is born by natural and can’t be learned by people?

As we all know it is not easy to become a good leader, a competent leader should bear certain qualities. Some people seems born with that ablity, but some are not. Can we become an excllent leader just by learning?

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    May 19 2012: we can be anything. it just depends on how much priority you give, to become a good leader, than other things in your life. most proples are born with same abilities rest are born with some disabilities. but no one is born as a genius.
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    May 18 2012: yea it's not easy to become a good leader but its not impossible too!i believe that anyone who has a desire and will can achieve whatever he want . you must certainly have some qualities like you shoulld be passionate and you must overcome your fear and boostup your confidence , feel responsible ; then no one can stop that person from being an excellent leader!!
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      May 19 2012: What you said remind me of a proverb " When there is a will, there is a way."
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    May 15 2012: Yes, 1/3 willingness to take responsibility, 1/3 knowing what to do, 1/3 being able to apply.
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      May 19 2012: May be we can draw the conclusion that a person can be a good leader because what the qualities you said above seems like can be learned.
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        May 19 2012: Yes but not many do, the key is the ability / willingness to communicate (not to be confused with talking a lot).
  • May 16 2012: I heard somewhere that, " to understand the words from a wise man you must have the wisdom to understand them. A fool can not comprehend such things."

    If someone has any qualities of being a leader it will show and can always be taught to be a better one. A person who has absolutely no qualities will not be able to understand what it means to be a leader, the role of it, how the person effects others, or actually be a leader.
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      May 19 2012: So what you say is if some one want to be a leader, he must aware it and understand it. But I thingk there is also have the possible that he become a leader when he understand that qualities through some experience or teaching.
  • May 16 2012: So, there are twenty people in a Teen Leadership class. One is captain of the varsity soccer team, freshman and sophomore prom queen, oldest of three kids and whose dad runs an independently run company. Another whose hobbies are hanging with his large family of friends, making music, listening to music, helping out his theater friends and finds himself being the mediator of the family when his family gets in a fuss. Third spends her time squeezing into the lunch table to feel apart of conversation, desperately tries to direct things to her, nobody takes her seriously or even feels her presence even though she tries so hard.

    First of all, before I go on, you can only tell so much about a person by their status. To give an example, Person One might already have a title of leadership as Team Captain, but Person Two hasd better compromising skills. You can only tell how good a leader is by how effectively they convert a groups energy towards a goal.

    Back to the first example. Person one already has a some leadership qualities passed down though genes, grow up flexing her leadership muscles as the oldest of a family, has applied them at school, and has earned some titles. Person Two has GREAT potential. Likable (lots of friends), is very good at compromising, lots of people respect him and what he stands for, is humble, good at relating with people, is very open to people and knows when to put his foot down. He might not have the status Number One has but he does have many people that look up to him. Everyone has faults, but his major one that he is sometime too nice. It's not that he wants everyone to like him, it is just he can be too humble. He needs to learn to have a bit more ambition. Number Three doesn't have what it takes. She lacks presence, wouldn't know what to do if she was given a leadership role, depends on people, depends on people too much and nobody respects her.
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      May 19 2012: One can not do something not because he does not have the ability to do some but because wheather he want to do. When he determined, determin to fight for the fear, determin to achieve it, then he can make it. Right?