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What makes a genius?

Could you have come up with Einstein’s theory of relativity? If not – why not?
Are geniuses an extreme version of ourselves?
Or, are their brains fundamentally different?

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  • May 15 2012: Walking where others fail to see the path. Not being stuck in a specific field of study or school of thought . Being autistic and having a busted brain thats wired wrong. Being Alone because you think different. Having weak social skills. Having LOW EQ. Being exposed to prescription drugs at a young age because doctors like making machines out of people. Having a father who sucked up a bunch of agent orange and spit out a kid with pudding pops for legs and eyes that were jacked up and shitty DNA.

    Some genius is born out of less then pleasant conditions as a survival mechanism or conditioning process. Too real for ya. Sorry my apologies and some insight to my condition http://youtu.be/7sRHhzNLKb4 just a form of art i tap out manual unlike no other in the world a simple visual jazz manual tap tap tap lots out wires. Feelings that are void in personal engagements with others.
    Doing art and avoiding having anything in common with any other artist and hiding out because its more comfortable to create a reality then fit into one.

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