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Schools do not kill creativity

I didn't like the thesis in this talk by Sir Robinson. In my opinion, creativity develops on the soil of knowledge. Knowledge is the food that we get in schools. Food should be given in an organized manner and in the order of importance. And comparing dance class with mathematics, in my view, was completely rubbish. I wonder if I could ever get to use a computer if people of history spent their time dancing away.

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  • May 14 2012: With all due respect, I can't help but think that you may have drawn an unintended conclusion from Sir Robinson's talk. I certainly agree that math and dance are two very different disciplines (although, as noted by other responses, there's certainly a crossover with the introduction of music), but my interpretation of the message behind this talk was that by categorizing strictly areas of knowledge and pursuit, and then ranking them based on a notion of perceived economic value, young students run the very real risk of being discouraged from discovering and exploring their talents and passions.

    I absolutely agree with your understanding of the relationship between knowledge and creativity, but failing to develop both through explorations/disciplines amenable to each can and does seem to result in the neglect of one or the other (and, as Sir Robinson points out, it's almost always the development of an educational institution's conception of 'knowledge' that comes out on top).

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