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Create a toolkit for people to create their own TED "event" in the comfort of their own homes with family and friends.

The Birth of TED @ HOME

I love watching an inspiring TED talk just before i go to bed. Whenever i find really cool talks, i usually fwd them to my friends. butttt, i always feel unsatisfied because i'd like to be there when they've finished watching the talk and see their reactions and get their points of view and see if there is anything more to learn on the subject.

SO i did what any other would do...i invited them over to watch some TED Talks together!

I formalized the process to make it as effective and fun as possible, here's what i did:
- Invite anybody and everybody - friends/colleagues/etc - the more diverse the better!
- Get a big comfy Couch
- TV hooked up to my laptop that will play the videos from
- do-it-yourself sandwich snack bar with some drinks
- Start with something Entertaining to break the ice and get ppl comfortable
- Move on to more educational talks submitted by the people attending and discuss after each one.
- End with one strikingly inspirational video to give them something to think about when they go home to sleep!

the result?

1- first and foremost, BEAUTIFUL discussions after each talk. we really go to bond and know each other much more. its amazing i cant explain it you just have to do it!

2- People felt INSPIRED - EDUCATED - ENTERTAINED, and will live the following day with a different perspective in-mind. one way or the other, they will be adding more value to life than before.

3- Attendance levels DOUBLED at every session.

4- more visits to and more videos being shared to other friends - the word of mouth machine at its best!

et voila....EUREKA! a new way of watching TED Talks is born....right out of the comfort of your own living room!

**its the people and the discussions that make this special**

NOTE THIS IS NOT A TED or TEDx EVENT - nothing to do with the organization, just my personal initiative.


what do you think?

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    Becky C

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    May 12 2012: That's a great idea and I think you should also be able to film your own TED talks and then send them in and if they like them then they can put them up. They maay ask you to send in a video and if they like it THEN they ask you to come in and do a official talk I do not know as I am quite new to TED but I agree with your idea and I will hopefully try it out sometime!
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    May 11 2012: Great idea!
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    May 11 2012: is where i post all my TED @ home sessions summary