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Children's schools should have an "Imagination" period

I feel,When you Imagine things, You create things.All new innovative things starts with an imagination.
Most of the people now are so engrossed in their day to day lives and their perspective have become so narrow, they hardly question things which then stops innovation.
A session/class/period where Children given a random abstract/real world topic/situation, should imagine things in their own way as they see it in their world and explain how they have interpreted it to the class.This would help expand their imaginative skill and hence creativity and would generate more ideas. And when they grow they would cultivate this as a habit and apply their ideas in the real world.


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    Jun 4 2012: What I see missing from schools in terms of an imagination time is the tools students for students to be creative, and the space to store the products of their labour.

    If you have seen the video about Caine's Arcade (see http://cainesarcade.com/) you'll see how a kid who is supported and provided the tools they need has the ability to be creative. Caine has space to store his stuff, a mentor to help him build it, an audience to see the results of his creativity, and the tools necessary to build.

    What is missing in schools is space for students to store their stuff, and the kinds of materials they can use to build things, whether these things are made of paper and glue, or with digital tools, kids generally just don't have unfettered access to these things. It unfortunately also rare for students to have access to these things at home.

    So what I think schools (or community centres) need to do is to build these spaces, provide the tools, and help mentor kids. It doesn't matter much what they build, or how they build it, just that they have space to do it. We could call these STEM clubs, or Arts clubs, or whatever, we just need to ensure that all kids get the chance that Caine had - a chance to build a piece of themselves into the world around them.
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      Jun 5 2012: Thanks for sharing the information. The curiosity , the enthusiasm , the creativity , the eagerness .. that Caine has, i believe every other children has it. As you rightly said we just need to create platform to nurture them and help it prevail for lifetime. It requires support from both parents and teachers.

      Too much information/competition/pressure/process is killing it while they grow.. which is what we need to change.

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