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Children's schools should have an "Imagination" period

I feel,When you Imagine things, You create things.All new innovative things starts with an imagination.
Most of the people now are so engrossed in their day to day lives and their perspective have become so narrow, they hardly question things which then stops innovation.
A session/class/period where Children given a random abstract/real world topic/situation, should imagine things in their own way as they see it in their world and explain how they have interpreted it to the class.This would help expand their imaginative skill and hence creativity and would generate more ideas. And when they grow they would cultivate this as a habit and apply their ideas in the real world.


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  • May 28 2012: I appreciate the sentiment, that creativity should be encouraged, but would suggest that the whole curriculum should move towards a creative approach, the work of "Creative Minds" social enterprise in the UK has been developing creative curricula in primary schools in the UK.
    Perhaps designating a time to creativity risks fostering an idea that it is not mainstream to b creative.
    Good teachers build on innate creativity, rules delete it. Sausage and trifle is excellent food until you are told it's "wrong".
    PS- try it...
    • May 29 2012: Christopher, that is great what the U.K i has to develop creativity. I checked out a web site:
      Ho did you learn about this project? Or do you live in U.K?
      Is it? http://www.creativemindsltd.co.uk/ . If so , I love that!!!
      Thank you!
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        May 30 2012: Fakhriddin,
        I think that the Creative Minds website is perfect for inspiring kids to make art! Do you have any ideas about how to be creative in ways other than art?
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      Jun 1 2012: Christopher, sausage and trifle may be the best thing anyone has ever tasted as long as they have the creative confidence to try them paired together. I think that creative confidence is something that should be cherished and built up in schools by taking the time to listen to the child. I know that I am most engaged and alive in a classroom when my voice and ideas are heard. Classrooms need to welcome new ideas rather than having a rack for students to rest their creative caps when they walk in the door.

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