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Children's schools should have an "Imagination" period

I feel,When you Imagine things, You create things.All new innovative things starts with an imagination.
Most of the people now are so engrossed in their day to day lives and their perspective have become so narrow, they hardly question things which then stops innovation.
A session/class/period where Children given a random abstract/real world topic/situation, should imagine things in their own way as they see it in their world and explain how they have interpreted it to the class.This would help expand their imaginative skill and hence creativity and would generate more ideas. And when they grow they would cultivate this as a habit and apply their ideas in the real world.


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    May 12 2012: To be frank i was not not sure with the things that i should include in this Imagination Session.I had this vague idea, but there was no purpose to support it.It just stuck me and I commented.
    After reading all the comments(Thanks to ALL :) ), after giving deeper thought on why I wanted,I got the answer.

    Today's Education system is monotonous, theoretical and enormous and unaffordable.It only intends to make people enable enough to become a part of the vast task force.They have become money making businesses which promote competitions, placements, recruiters and average salary packages.

    "Education today are based on what you should know, how much you should know and what you will
    get if you know. It hardly teaches you how to utilize the things that you know."
    And this utilization part is left to the Employers,Government to exploit.
    And hence the only only only focus of majority of the students nowadays is to have a GOOD JOB with GOOD package.They work hard to know as much information as they can.
    Students are becoming puppets of the EMPLOYERS where they need to follow their rules , their
    process to get themselves accepted and thus they become dependent on them.

    Sometimes knowing everything also wont suffice EMPLOYERS expectations.They get stuck in this
    RAT RACE.If by any chance they fail to prove themselves(become JOBLESS),they feel guilty, ashamed and the most
    disappointing part people tend to loose respect for them.

    What I feel Students struggle because they dont know how to utilize their knowledge for creating things for themselves/people. Application of their knowledge is unknown to them.Todays Education system is trying to fit the students in the society rather than making them independent.Its more of theoretical than practical.
    And this is where I think Session of Imagination would be helpful.
    • May 14 2012: Very true!!! In corporate world a person's ability is hindered, his talents are shadowed and he works much like a guided missile. If he has to implement his ideas or abilities then he has to do that in a personal front. But an IDEA can not only change your life but also has its impact on millions. Talk about Microsoft or TCS or even NGO's who are doing a good job. Microsoft for instance had an idea/solution which gradually evolved and evolved further. If it were not here then how would investors would have their profits, so many companies using their products simplified their work, so many jobs were created and are still being created. It is an IDEA which comes out of imagination which is actually running the lives of so many people. Imagination is therefore GROWTH and that is what actually fuels the economy. A country blessed with a few hundred such people can bring a tsunami of job, hope, prosperity for the nation. So having a session right in school to nurture this germ which is inherent in everyone(kids especially) can take mankind a long way towards development and a better future.

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