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Children's schools should have an "Imagination" period

I feel,When you Imagine things, You create things.All new innovative things starts with an imagination.
Most of the people now are so engrossed in their day to day lives and their perspective have become so narrow, they hardly question things which then stops innovation.
A session/class/period where Children given a random abstract/real world topic/situation, should imagine things in their own way as they see it in their world and explain how they have interpreted it to the class.This would help expand their imaginative skill and hence creativity and would generate more ideas. And when they grow they would cultivate this as a habit and apply their ideas in the real world.


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    May 13 2012: Interesting idea and I support it. Perhaps it would take a while for the students to get into the groove of it, having previously been rather controlled in what they are suppose to learn. So the teacher would need to be patient and not mind a long silence in the classroom to start with. It is like any new student-centered learning experience, takes time to let go of all the restraints we have learned are so necessary and that hamper our creative minds.

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