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Our greatest gift is our capacity to have insights, epiphanies and aha moments!

What is an epiphany?

Please share your thoughts on epiphany, insight, aha moments, synchronicity, serendipity.

Where do they come from?

A related TED talk is by Elise Ballard

How has your insight changed your life?

Do you have a quote on insights, a lesson learned, a mantra you live by because of insights you have had!

Insights are described as a gift.
When I listen to TED talks, I have noticed that many of the speakers are who they are and share the message they share, because of an epiphany/insight.

Insights are triggered/created in many ways, whether from profound crisis or listening to someone's story. What has sparked your insight?

Can one prepare for insights? If so, how?


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    May 18 2012: Emily McManus taught me a trick on how to search for TED talks that mention the words epiphany, aha, eureka, insights and the like. I will list some of my favorite discoveries here. This is here trick:
    I'll tell you one of my secret tricks -- using a Google search with this exact syntax:

    epiphany "video on ted.com" site:ted.com

    where "epiphany" can be whatever word you're looking for. This search will return the transcript of each talk that contains the word. It's pretty magical!

    1. The first one and I am listening to it right now, powerful and couldn't be more appropriate:


    To quote Steven "Chance favors the connected mind"

    and this talk connected me to a TED conversation...

    2. http://www.ted.com/conversations/10318/what_is_the_most_defining_mome.html

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