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If the energy can not be destroyed but only transmuted than where does it go or into what is transmuted the inner energy of the body?

Is somehow connected with philosophy, theology and physics.

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    May 12 2012: Do you believe that life goes on, or are you insinuating that all that is wishful thinking?

    I would recommend you read "Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records" by Kevin J. Todeshchi. I would also recommend that you look into Eastern philosophy and maybe a good book on near death experience. You won't find any useful information in science on this subject.
  • May 11 2012: Where shall it go??? Where was it not???
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    Jun 9 2012: Inner energy of the body ? what is that? (too late to receive an answer)
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    May 13 2012: Presently energy is held in useable amounts at various places. As it is used it gradually dissipates into unusable, low level head energy throughout the universe. It may even leak outwith the universe if the ambient temperature is lower there. The energy in the body is heat, & will dissipate in a similar manner. IMO

  • May 12 2012: Heat. (And please, the correct word if "then" for "then where does it go," not "than where does it go.")
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    May 11 2012: why the Dawkins link? How is militant atheism related to this question?
    • May 12 2012: good question.
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      May 12 2012: no idea. maybe trolling?
      There is potentially some good discussion in regards to the real universe with matter and energy and the illusive spiritual realm - but its not very clear.
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      May 13 2012: An oft asked question.
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    May 11 2012: Please clarify what you intend by the phrase, "the inner energy of the body."
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    May 11 2012: Physically speaking, energy created by burning proteins and calories are lost through heat dissipation.

    But if you are speaking of the soul (inner energy) then I think you have asked one of the eternal questions. Where do we go when we die? If you are interested in this subject try Rene Descartes - Passions of the Soul, Plato's Myth of Er (from the Republic), and Cicero.
    • May 11 2012: Adam,
      I stress the need to revisit old works dealt with still unresolved/debated issues (e. g. works of Descartes , Plato, and Cicero) in the light of modern scientific information and knowledge, which made some of the old approaches, conclusions and interpretations obsolete or outmoded.
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        May 11 2012: I agree with you wholeheartedly that there are aspects of these works which have been disproved. The glass spheres for example, we know how the solar system works now and Plato was wrong. I suggested Descartes however because the Passions of the Souls (excluding the obvious physical and biological flaws) is still very much relevant when looking to understand a view of the "inner energy".

        Of course the debate is very conflicting and controversial because of theological, scientific, and philosophical beliefs. I would really enjoy continuing this conversation if you are interested.
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      May 12 2012: I'd suggest a more modern scientific view also be considered.

      In reality we don't know but most the evidence would point to death and the bran ceasing to work being the end of our consciousness, the end of us. Just like life and the development of our body and brain is the start of us.

      Any view of something more after death is just as speculative as saying we all end in a spiritual coffee shop.
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      May 13 2012: Dear Adam and Obey,
      You both bring up a good point, which seems to be a sticky wicket when discussing this topic.

      Adam, you ask..."Where do we go when we die?"

      Obey, you speak of the "end" of us, and the "start of us".

      It seems that folks have difficulty in seperating the physical body and the energy that powers the body. When the body dies, the energy is no longer part of "us". The body is buried, cremated, or whatever. The energy moves on, and my belief is that there are other life forms "out there".

      Imagine energy running into a lamp for example. Once the lamp is unplugged, there is no more need for energy, correct? Where does the energy go? Probably to another function? Now imagine that our body is the lamp, and we are unplugged at the time of our death.

      I experienced a NDE years ago, and this is how I saw the functioning of the body and the energy that powers the body. The body dies, along with all the characteristics and personas that are "us". The personality and human characteristics that make us who we are with the life experience are gone, along with the body. The energy moves to another function and form.

      I agree with A Latif, that "scientific information and knowledge... made some of the old approaches, conclusions and interpretations obsolete or outmoded".