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That empty space is a medium which conducts matter/energy (?)

First I ask you to be mindful of the fact that I am not an astrophysicist nor am I an expert in this area of study. That being said, what is space? It is not nothing, nothing is just that, it is nothing. Space cannot be nothing because nothing does not exist. If space is composed of anti-matter or dark matter then that would confirm that space is not nothing, it is something. Exploring this concept logically, why does matter and energy travel or radiate so easily through space if it is something?

Before you say that concentrations of dark matter make it difficult for light to pass though consider this. Is it possible that the vast span of space is a conductor of energy and matter? We know that space is transparent considering we are looking for light, radiation, mass etc. But why? On your computer you are capable of seeing millions of gigabytes of information but have you ever seen the wire through your screen? Obviously you can see an Ethernet cord which is transmitting data by looking away from the screen, but you had to shift your gaze away from the screen. Looking at space for us is like looking at the internet from inside the screen.

So to all of you Mensa members and genius prodigies I ask you, is our concept of space biased? Can space be something that is entirely different than we imagined? Is space a solid which conducts matter and energy the way copper conducts electricity?


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    May 12 2012: What happens if we draw a perfect vacuum in a chamber. Does the space in the chamber cease to exist? The matter in the chamber is removed, but the space (volume) is still there. It simply has nothing in it. Space is a nearly perfect vacuum. But it is a huge volume. There are particles in space, but very low density. Matter travels through space in particles; protons, neutrons, electrons, as well as radiation (photons). There is virtually nothing in space to impede these particles so they flow without resistance. Once they reach the earth, they impart their energy on what they come in contact with. That is how energy reaches the earth from the sun. There doesn't have to be anything in space to transmit the energy because there are three types of energy transfer; conduction = transmitting through a solid, convection = transmitting through a liquid or gas, and radiation = transmitting through space. The energy from the sun is totally radiation.
    • May 15 2012: Dear Roy" Does the space in the chamber cease to exist? The matter in the chamber is removed, but the space (volume) is still there."Your explanation is the very ordinary feeling of all of us, however I think it is not the reality. Please think over my comments below (4 days ago).SPACE is not matter or radiation, so inside a vacuum chamber is nothing but just a part of our non-materialistic world that laws of physics hold on the mass and the radiation.This simple unusual view about SPACE is the answer to the question about the ultimate boundary of the outer space. I think laws of physics, like our thougths, do not exist physically. I call these metaphysics.Regards

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