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How do we get our youth to admire Hawking, Gates, and Jobs instead of Lebron, Tom Brady and Justin Beiber?

This is an issue that's bothered me for years. Growing up I admired, looked up to, and aspired to be like people like Hawking, Gates, and Steve Jobs. These people were in the news, people talked about what they were doing, how they were changing the way our world would function forever. Now we have the media talking about Lebron James leaving Cleveland, Miley Cyrus wearing a skirt, or Charlie Sheen breaking down. I feel the way our youth is currently growing up we're going to start taking evolutionary steps backwards. The kids that could have grown up to be our next great thinkers or innovators are instead trying to be our next great athletes and actresses. I feel something definitely needs to change for our society to move in the right direction, get our youth on track to believe that designing the next computer or LHC or electric car is better than being in a movie or winning the stanley cup. I believe this will involve our teachers, media, and parents helping set our next generation up to succeed and look up to the right people. Our kids need better role models, and it's this generation's job to help set this in the right direction.


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    Mar 16 2011: I cringe when my 16-year-old daughter prefers to watch Kim Kardasian or Jersey Shore in lieu of homework--shows that offer little more than whiney, sexually exploited youth in useless chatter. Yes, it up to the parents to intervene, but parents are competing with something larger than themselves here: media tyranny. What did I watch as a youth? Soupy Sales! Yet, my generation was protesting war, struggling for equal rights. There are many issues for youth to be concerned about: "class warfare," energy safety and shortages, natural disasters--need I go on? Wisconsin showed students supporting their teachers. Perhaps youth CAN pull themselves away from mundane complacency.

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