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Discrimination when choosing audience participants?

In order to make the application process as fair as possible, I thought that it would be preferable to simply ask on the form for an email address and answer a couple of questions on why they would like to attend our event and an idea or experience they've had etc.

However the TEDx Manual advises that...

Your application form for prospective attendees should include this basic information:
✓ A clear description of TED, TEDx and your TEDx event
✓ Your TEDx event date
✓ First name
✓ Last name
✓ Company/organization name
✓ Job title/description/role
✓ Email address
✓ Street address
✓ Phone number(s)
✓ Skype ID

What would you do for your event or what have you done in the past? I think that from someone's name alone you can already judge their gender and most likely race.

I'm looking forward to reading your responses!

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    May 13 2012: Someone with law experience was saying that people who don't get selected could sue or complain as a result of discrimination. This could be possible if we ask for personal information right?

    I think that if the application form is clear that we will select audience participants from our favourite answers to the questions (and no personal details) then it should be ok?

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