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TED should definitely have people speak about psychedelics

I know that I am not the first person to say this, but I feel that psychedelics are a pretty important issue. I don't know if it hasn't been discussed on here because of some social criteria, but isn't this site here to propose new ideas? If people don't agree with it then so be it although I would think many people on here would be interested in the idea. Psychedelic research has certainly fascinated me and I think it would fit perfectly on TED. Let me know what you think.

  • May 15 2012: Hey I'm not too familiar with TED so I really didnt know how much to explain. But I wasn't necessarily talking about legalizing psychedlecs, but maybe someone who is just informing people in what they actually are. I would be satisfied if they spoke about any psychedelic, but the one that interests me the most is DMT because I read the book "DMT: the spirit molecule" (extremely interesting read". Hearing about peoples' experiences is definately one of the most interesting things while hearing about psychedelics, so yes it would be ideal for the speaker to tell someones real experience.
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    May 10 2012: I assume, Sharan, that you have been keeping up with recent research into the effect of hallucinagenic drugs on creativity? There were a couple of research findings publicized last fall about the short and longer term effect of psychedelics on creativity (specifically of an ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms) and increasing interest in the subject at the time of Steven Job's death. He was outspoken in claiming that his experimentation with LSD was extremely important in his creative life.
  • Jun 8 2012: Psychedelics are very interesting and their use has some profound lasting effects on your conscious experience. I agree that this is an interesting field, however people who regularly use psychedelics seem to be stuck on this idea that there seeing the world for what it is. I want to clearly state that an acid trip,dmt,peyote, masculine, or whatever chemical structure your ingesting, is just that, a grouping of chemicals that alter your nervous system. Nothing more. There seems to be some sort of transformative effect, but what it is transforming you into is very debatable. There are some doors that do get opened, which seem to be very difficult to do, without the use of some sort of psychedelics. I think the use of hallucinogens do allow for introspection to occur, but I have seen many people open the floodgates of spiritual lunacy as well.

    Im not sure how psychedelics could be used in any practical form as a treatment or a cure. Some people swear by them and have forgotten, at its basest level what psychedelics really are. Drugs are very powerful, they can consume your life and absolutely alter your reality forever. Its certainly an interesting topic but Im not sure what a TED talk on this would really bring to the table.
  • Jun 5 2012: I understand exactly where you are coming from. I, too, ponder why we haven't explored the full potential of the psychedelic mind state. I always dabble in the thoughts of "Autism, Schizo, Bi-Polar, Addictions, Personal Growth, Creativity, Depression, Cancer...." I believe the "Higher-Ups" already know the benefits as well as use them for that reason... I'm not saying we have countries tripping face all the time.... but I do believe that DMT and LSD we're/are very important to some of those people... and keeping the public in the dark about it is clearly a ploy to keep the "consciousness power" to those... I don't believe in pure recreational fun use... but in the right mind set, mind setting, physical setting and surroundings, it can have trans-formative effects.
  • May 10 2012: Sharan,

    I too was wondering just what is so important about this issue... Are you thinking about a discussion for legalization?
    Is it because people have OBE's? Is it for people to discuss their experiences?

    Interesting topic but you need to be a little more specific with your question.
  • May 10 2012: Sharan,
    Why is psychedelics important? Why does it fascinate you? Are you referring to chemically altered state of mind? What new ideas do you propose re psychedelics?

    I have no training for this and therefore have no suggestions. However, I want to understand why this is important, if you are suggesting drugs should be normal or allowed for altered mind state.

    In friendship intended,