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Suppose an individual had the opportunity to install such a system in a semi-arid African community, how would we go about it?

I love the the practicality of this talk, but more importantly my mind was led intensely to the hope that this may be the answer to many of the water problems in African communities. I personally come from Kenya and am interesting in knowing the specific details involved in implementing such a system to supply water to communities and villages in such areas. I would like to create a proposal to the local MP who is currently looking into structuring a water supply system to our district.

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    Mar 13 2011: Wow, Brian, thanks so much for posting the reference to this talk. I am not sure how I missed such a gem. With so many areas of the world suffereing desertification and drought it is hard to imagine that we have not employed such brilliant and low tech ideas. I am sorry that i do not have any insight to add.
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    Mar 12 2011: Brian, check out the permaculture concept that was invented by Australian, Bill Mollison. Wile permaculture deals with a lot of issues, water harvesting in arid regions is one of the key topics.
    You might find a lot of information on the internet. Just search permaculture and bill mollison. I seem to remember that there are also videos on Youtube about that topic.
    Good luck