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Why is there animal testing?

Animal testing is unreliable as human's reacts differently some ways than it does to certain animals. Scientists have found there are safe and reliable methods of testing products, that saves animals lives while assuring the safety and well-being of the public. So why torture a animal when you can simply turn on technology? I know there are medicines that work and have been tested on one animal and saved lots of people but you have to consider the other facts. We have different systems to animals and we could kill the public and not harm animals or vies versa.


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    May 9 2012: First give me the links, because last time I checked the alternatives were even more controversial than animal testing itself.

    Those alternatives are not models. It is still living tissue, and most drugs have to be tested in the body as a whole. So that means instead of complete animals you're going to use specific parts of the animals, grow them in isolation. This includes brain tissue, but I guess that is okay.

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