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Marriage is a personal and private agreement between two people and states, the government need to stay out of their union.

Any and every official governing body needs to stay out of the private union in marriage. That goes for heterosexuals and Homosexuals couples. I feel that each person should have all rights like any citizen. As far as taxing: individual taxing only with compensation for children and dependents :visiting rights in hospitals and all other sitiuation needs to be decided by the persons involved.
Who I fall in love with and how I wish to demonstration that in creating a union is my business only and I don't need a certificate from anyone.

The people need to take this message to the state and federal government.

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    May 12 2012: Understand where you are coming from.

    A lot of it comes down to things you mention - if the tax man didn't differentiate between couples and singles that would make a big difference. How you split wealth up when people spilt or divorce
    Also ties may tie into to who is responsible for children etc.
    Its not that simple.
    Modern life is legalistic and complex.
    It is much simpler in different cultures and times.

    I support gay marriage 100% marriage between any 2 consenting adults.

    Not so sure about polygamous marriage.
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    May 11 2012: I couldn't agree more with Ramini! As a 17 year old campaigning against the marriage amendment in North Carolina, an amendment that will drastically affect me yet I'm not old enough to vote, I'm appalled that it got this far.
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    May 10 2012: Ramani, you confuse me. First you say that marriage is personal and private and that states and government should stay out of it. Then you urge us all to take that message to the government, therefore asking for tacit approval from the government.

    The argument is really religious anyway. Every state has on its books a law that forbids unnatural sex acts (sodomy).

    The reason that government is involved is the term "spouse". If you are a spouse then it entitles you to insurance and full benifits of the insured. Now we are talking real bucks and the fight begins.

    Not everything is as simple as you make it in your argument. All the best to you and yours. Bob.
    • May 10 2012: Robert - what I mean by taking it to the government is change the laws that make it necessary to have to get permition by licence so we will not have to go to them again.

      Unnatural acts does not come into my arguement. I am saying if I want to jump over a broomstick with someone that is my business - that's all.

      La Vergne Rosow - Thank you - for a moment I thought I was on Mars.
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    May 9 2012: Exactly!

    People have been arguing over the wrong question.

    It is NOT whether the law should allow a specific marriage, it is whether the law belongs mandating marriage at all at all.

    What ever happened to the separation of church and State? People marry in churches according to whatever rules their churches make up. The State ought not meddle in such business.