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A way of creating a universe(s)

Scientists,tell us empty space is not empty, but full of forces & particles flickering in & out of existence.All this is happening in a chaotic & random way.
If this is so it suggests a mechanism for creating a universe(s).
May I ask you to digress for a while,-go & play "GAME of LIFE" -an early computer game-if you are as old as me you will remember it, if not go to
Three simple rules, 1 for birth,1 for life,1 for death, of the little squares. It is quite fascinating, how this 2 dimensional world, with 3 simple rules can have a quite unexpected & complex "life" depending on the pattern (shape) it started with. The pattern influencing the space around it.
Now take a few atoms & molecules & arrange them in a certain shape (pattern) and they will influence the material around them & produce a living thing-we call this shape DNA- different shapes produce different living things.
Imagine space 3 dimensions, with all the things in it,with complex rules of inteaction between-quantum fields, gravity etc, etc forces & particles-.
Patterns, shapes do happen in chaos and by a very very improbable chance a shape that influenced (like DNA) the space around it,creating other shapes from the forces that are in "empty" space and so on and so on a multitude of shapes until the universe as we know it came into existence.
This implies a different starting shape would produce a different universe.
One of the interesting outcomes of the "game of life" is where pattern A produces pattern B, & B produces A, & so on, a sort of stable instability.
Do we see this in our life, in electro magnetic waves -light etc- where a shape called a magnetic field produces a shape called a electric field back to a magnetic field and so on, a stable instability, an electron can be a particle or a wave is this a case of 2 (or more) shapes maintaining each other and could all this constant changing of shape help to explain quantum effects?.

  • May 10 2012: @GK@t hat's nice1 i m just starting to know about it ............
  • May 10 2012: If you were to take every single singularity in our current universe, combine it then shoot a high energy anti-particle at it you could create a universe though it would be small and eventually collapse on itself. Oh just one problem: getting 99% of matter together and after the explosion expecting the universe to still act like a universe