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Can I help you find a TEDTalk you remember watching?

Did you ever watch a TEDTalk and then forget which one it was? I can help! I just love helping people find lost TEDTalks from the sketchiest of clues.

Tell me any details you can remember. "There was a lady with a brain ..." "The guy drew a bull's-eye ..." "Silver shoes ..." and we'll puzzle it out together.


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    Jun 18 2012: Hi Emily-Thanks for doing this. Okay HELP! Here's what I remember about the video I can't find:

    She was a science prodigy, had at the age of 14 approached Princeton University to see if they needed any help. I think she was 19 when she did the TEDtalk. Anyway, her main topic was that she was researching different approaches to finding a cure for cancer and her theory was based on a question she asked herself which was: What if a cancerous tumor actually started out as cells that were sent out to heal a damaged area of the body and somewhere along the line it's DNA changed and mutated into a cancerous cell and multiplied. She also mentioned that her research showed that we never find cancers in skeletal muscle tissue. So her premise was what if we helped these cells finish their original purpose and instead of going to war with them and trying to kill them with chemo, what if we were able to reverse their DNA back to what it originally was and help them do their healing?

    I think she started out talking about her grandmother who was Hungarian??? (not sure about that) who was her inspiration for going into this line of research. thank you!

    I watched it on the regular TED site and it was at least 2 years ago. Anyway, hope you find her.

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