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Can I help you find a TEDTalk you remember watching?

Did you ever watch a TEDTalk and then forget which one it was? I can help! I just love helping people find lost TEDTalks from the sketchiest of clues.

Tell me any details you can remember. "There was a lady with a brain ..." "The guy drew a bull's-eye ..." "Silver shoes ..." and we'll puzzle it out together.


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    May 18 2012: Emily, the list is growing... I got so many links, I am listening to them one at a time before I post it on the conversation I started on TED.

    The great thing is once I have a talk, I also find the conversations that might add to what I am researching. Here is a link to my conversation on


    This is what it is about:

    Our greatest gift is our capacity to have insights, epiphanies and aha moments!

    What is an epiphany?

    Please share your thoughts on epiphany, insight, aha moments, synchronicity, serendipity.

    Where do they come from?

    ps. I shared your trick with others there. Many thanks!

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