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Can I help you find a TEDTalk you remember watching?

Did you ever watch a TEDTalk and then forget which one it was? I can help! I just love helping people find lost TEDTalks from the sketchiest of clues.

Tell me any details you can remember. "There was a lady with a brain ..." "The guy drew a bull's-eye ..." "Silver shoes ..." and we'll puzzle it out together.


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    May 12 2012: Dear Emily

    One of the talks I am looking for is the talk that says there are studies/research showing that lack of options causes depression.

    the other is one on choice... that not choosing is a choice

    finally, I started a conversation on our greatest gift is our capacity to have insights.... This is a tall order... but I noticed that many Ted talks are based on insights, epiphanies and aha moments. How do I get a collection of at least 10 of these that refer directly to these words...

    ps. I found the one you also quoted as a related talk - The Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight!

    Thank you in anticipation

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