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Can I help you find a TEDTalk you remember watching?

Did you ever watch a TEDTalk and then forget which one it was? I can help! I just love helping people find lost TEDTalks from the sketchiest of clues.

Tell me any details you can remember. "There was a lady with a brain ..." "The guy drew a bull's-eye ..." "Silver shoes ..." and we'll puzzle it out together.


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    May 12 2012: there was a girl with an artificial leg, she talked about how she had to cut off her legs but was running all over again with the help of prosthetic legs, she talked about how she could use shoes of any size and stuff...can u send me the link for that please...i want to watch it again...that was one of the most inspirational videos i've ever watched, and not only on ted...
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        May 13 2012: thank you for the response, but it is not the video that i am looking for, at some point in that video she jokes about how she could use shoes of any size, and how she doesn't need to worry about breaking her legs when ice skating and stuff...i checked other related videos as well but can't find that particular one...but again, thank you very much for your response, if u happen to find it, please do reply...cheers...
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        May 15 2012: thank u so much, so so much...i mean it...
        • May 18 2012: I viewed the video on both girls and found both to be inspirational and motivating! I have been disabled since Dec 2011, short story is my FMLA ran out on 3/09/12, and the State of Florida terminated me and I am fortunately on State Disability Income and can be until Dec 2012. Yep, that is a Blessing! However, I worked for the State in the same job for 22 years in Nov. 2012, and I am 60 years old! Sent me into a conundrum! I am trying to move on, but a struggle and a mountain to climb, Aimee and Amy both give me inspiration, it is like, " what kind of obstacles do I have to go through?? Financial! Then I am over my moutain!
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        May 15 2012: yeah, of course, that's the one. I did also see that, but in my memory Amy and Aimee had merged into one person. :) Thanks Mary.

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