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what side would you fight on if U.S. got into another civil war?

If the U.S. got into another civil war but this time not againts slavery but the people of the U.S. against the big buissnes men and the government workers on how much our freedom is being takin away whos side would you be on?

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    May 9 2012: I'd probably drop my nationality out of complete embarassment.
    • May 31 2012: i would verry well consider doing this as well haha
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    May 10 2012: When our civilization becomes unmanageable, due to national natural disaster(s), the only sides will be good and evil in order to survive. Then it will be time to start over, rebuild and eliminate evil. Do what is right in the lord name.
    • Jun 5 2012: i agree with restarting but idk about in the lord name i am a christian but i do agree with the seperation of church and state because if you dont seperate them there will just be another civil war because that is what our ancesters founded this country on
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    Jun 7 2012: For those looking for a 3rd option- come to Canada. In most cases we just take a vote!
  • May 15 2012: If it comes to that:
    On the side of the citizenry, those who are and were supposed to be protected by the Constitution that corporations, bankers, politicians and the government have almost completely and successfully destroyed.
    Anyone who fights for them, is a Fascist, believes in Totalitarianism and has been more than likely turned into a mental robot, an artificially intelligent, Manchurian Candidate; a puppet.

    At one time people fought and died "over there" because there was a real threat, actively seeking to take over the world. Now, because of the passage of decades, we are emotionally cut off from the truth of fighting to keep our freedoms, well hell, to get them back and because they have "been taken away", they have to be "taken back'.
    Today, however, the fight has to be here, as that is where the monsters reside, where they act as though it is "their country" and they have sole ownership of it.

    "See those people over there? They are terrorists, drug dealers, arm's dealers," or whatever group they can demonize in order to next say:

    "They want to take away your freedoms so in order to protect you, we will take away your freedoms!"

    Voting doesn't work. Only a mental decrepit would believe that. What does that leave? Conditions that require a complete and total commitment in order to preserve America as it was intended to be, which isn't what it now has become.

    Lest you forgot or don't really care, it was founded upon WE, the people, For the people and By the people.
    • May 31 2012: i 100% agree with that answer i feel the same way i feel like the war we are geting into or just got out of is all about oil
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    May 12 2012: We all have the power to voice our opinion to our leaders. Many never exercise that power. It would be a travesty if people chose to go to war without ever having written a letter to their congressman or senator about how to make a better world. I have seen examples of letters written that criticize lawmakers, but no information as to how to provide any positive change. Just because we don't like the present situation, doesn't mean we can't rise above it. We can't keep our thoughts to ourselves and then take up arms because we are put out. I would pray long and hard before I would ever take up a weapon. Should you win, who is going to run the show after you have destroyed so much? If you are not in a position to be a leader now, you won't be in a position to be a leader then either. People invest in ideas worth pursuing. Let's come up with solutions that work before we ever get to this point.
    • May 31 2012: i agree that we should look for other situations but if you look at the situation of our country through the eyes of a high school graduate trying to find out what to do and not wanting to get stuck with debt after going through college just to not have a job unless you are in china and are going to work in a sweat shop or willing to work in a office building (which in my opinion is just as bad) their isnt that many options to look for.
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        Jun 8 2012: Mike,
        By your comment, you are concerned about becoming one of the losers in tomorrow's economy. I don't know what your support structure (family, friends, associates) looks like, or if you have any political affiliations, but this country was founded on a Christian spirit, innovation, and scientific insight.
        What I see happening is that technology is replacing people in the mundane jobs and only those who are visionaries are taking the lead in how technology is unfolding. My father chose a career in which he always saw a need, and he led me in that same direction. He was a carpenter (people were always going to need a place to live), I became a worker and supervisor at an electric plant (people were always going to need electricity). We chose our paths through faith and worked hard at keeping ourselves needed by our employers. My father always said a person who truly wants to work will find it.

        I see many people getting into debt only because it is easy to do. I knew I couldn't afford college, but also knew that an education was important, so I chose the military as my starting point to get an education (either through training or followup programs) and took the best offer available. I managed my money wisely and didn't buy things I could live without until I could afford it. Through faith and hard work, I worked my way to owning my own home and being able to retire with a pension.

        I think that you will find there are more options than you realize. You just don't know about them yet. Put your time and effort into finding out about opportunities rather than preparing for the worst.
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    R H

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    May 11 2012: The USA was built on a revolution, but has become a land of corporate mercenaries. We have allowed ourselves to fear each other, hate each other, and distrust each other so we remain divided and easy to manage for the gov't and these large corporate concerns. We've gotten into debt so we owe and are therefore enslaved in fealty to our employers, and cannot 'rock the boat' lest our families suffer and we don't 'keep up'. So give us cheap products and beer and we're happy, while they take our wages back in taxes for the designs of large corp influencers and contributors. It's common for everyone to want peace. What gov't would not want their citizens to esteem peace above all? Does that not serve the best interests of gov't to have a peaceful people to shear? We use our 'vote' as our only weapon, but are given choices chosen by whom? Gov't is working feverishly to stem the defaults of the world-wide banking debacle. Is it for the altruistic reasons of a better world, or is it because those in power know their history and fear that if they fail there will be revolution all over again, and there will be a new crew running things? Look at what has happened to the current president, President Obama. A man who was 'of the people', a successful Harvard educated grass roots city organizer for the underpriviledged, with great leadership potential. We never hear from him anymore. Just 'gay marriage'. Who gives a rats ass about gay marriage when we have talk of civil war? He's become a manager (working for whom?), not a leader, because of the size of the special interests he must face. What side would I be on? I hope I never have to answer.
    • May 31 2012: i hope i dont have to ever answer either but i feel like within my life time it will happen and maybe sooner then we think.
  • May 10 2012: Scary, Mike.

    We need to do what we can to prevent war!

    Peace is better, even though its pathways may be difficult.
    • May 31 2012: i agree peace should be high priority but this country has done a 180 degree turn we the people dont have the same power as we use to we have turnd into more or less slaves to the big corperations doing what they want and not what we want so sometimes the best way is not threw peace but war i dont phisically mean a war with guns but just a war with protests and yelling although their may be a phisical war in our near future.
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    May 9 2012: The war we should be worried about isn't a hypothetical armed civil conflict in the streets. The struggle to maintain some skimp of democracy is ongoing! Why wait for the bullets and blood version?

    Demand high quality public education so our kids reacquire critical thinking skills. Dumbed-down schools lead to a dumbed-down electorate. A compromised electorate, in turn, is vulnerable to fear-peddling and panic-mongering. Elected governments should fear the electorate, not the other way around! Pols should be making a mess in their shorts when they even consider war.

    It's the 21st century:Time to limit the legal view of corporations as "legal persons". Board members and executives who act illegally or unethically while hiding behind a corporation should fear the consequences.

    When corporations buy your election, stand together and "murder" those corporations. After all, it's not a real person, it it?
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    May 9 2012: Well. I doubt that this would even be a fair war. As Edward Long pointed out, a large group of people with money are on one side and the other side just has people who depend on the people with money.

    The Government side would obviously have weapons, intel, and money and the large businesses would have enough money to spend on defending themselves. The masses would obviously have people but that does not help if they are unarmed.

    So, even though I believe this is highly unlikely and more of a what-if question, I would fight for the clear cut winner, the large business and government.
    • May 31 2012: i understand where you are coming from because i have already read an artical that the big banks have already started making their own armed sevices but have you forgotten that way over half of the american population agree on the 2nd admendment of the constitution and own their own set of guns i know i have severial guns in my house and if the civil war was to come i would be ready to fight .
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    May 9 2012: One side would be all the government workers and all their families and friends, plus all the big business people with all their families, friends, supporters, a group of employees/ retirees, dedicated suppliers and sub-contractors, etc.
    The other side would be everyone who does not work for the government, is not on welfare, unemployment, social security or retirement; and all those who are not employed by, or receiving a pension or dividend check from a big business. Hmmm. Short war. Big business/Government wins by a knockout 8-seconds into the first round!
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    May 9 2012: I don't buy the premise. The enemy is ignorance which is purveyed by those who would gain from this conflict.