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what side would you fight on if U.S. got into another civil war?

If the U.S. got into another civil war but this time not againts slavery but the people of the U.S. against the big buissnes men and the government workers on how much our freedom is being takin away whos side would you be on?


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    May 9 2012: Well. I doubt that this would even be a fair war. As Edward Long pointed out, a large group of people with money are on one side and the other side just has people who depend on the people with money.

    The Government side would obviously have weapons, intel, and money and the large businesses would have enough money to spend on defending themselves. The masses would obviously have people but that does not help if they are unarmed.

    So, even though I believe this is highly unlikely and more of a what-if question, I would fight for the clear cut winner, the large business and government.
    • May 31 2012: i understand where you are coming from because i have already read an artical that the big banks have already started making their own armed sevices but have you forgotten that way over half of the american population agree on the 2nd admendment of the constitution and own their own set of guns i know i have severial guns in my house and if the civil war was to come i would be ready to fight .

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