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what side would you fight on if U.S. got into another civil war?

If the U.S. got into another civil war but this time not againts slavery but the people of the U.S. against the big buissnes men and the government workers on how much our freedom is being takin away whos side would you be on?


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    May 11 2012: The USA was built on a revolution, but has become a land of corporate mercenaries. We have allowed ourselves to fear each other, hate each other, and distrust each other so we remain divided and easy to manage for the gov't and these large corporate concerns. We've gotten into debt so we owe and are therefore enslaved in fealty to our employers, and cannot 'rock the boat' lest our families suffer and we don't 'keep up'. So give us cheap products and beer and we're happy, while they take our wages back in taxes for the designs of large corp influencers and contributors. It's common for everyone to want peace. What gov't would not want their citizens to esteem peace above all? Does that not serve the best interests of gov't to have a peaceful people to shear? We use our 'vote' as our only weapon, but are given choices chosen by whom? Gov't is working feverishly to stem the defaults of the world-wide banking debacle. Is it for the altruistic reasons of a better world, or is it because those in power know their history and fear that if they fail there will be revolution all over again, and there will be a new crew running things? Look at what has happened to the current president, President Obama. A man who was 'of the people', a successful Harvard educated grass roots city organizer for the underpriviledged, with great leadership potential. We never hear from him anymore. Just 'gay marriage'. Who gives a rats ass about gay marriage when we have talk of civil war? He's become a manager (working for whom?), not a leader, because of the size of the special interests he must face. What side would I be on? I hope I never have to answer.
    • May 31 2012: i hope i dont have to ever answer either but i feel like within my life time it will happen and maybe sooner then we think.

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