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what side would you fight on if U.S. got into another civil war?

If the U.S. got into another civil war but this time not againts slavery but the people of the U.S. against the big buissnes men and the government workers on how much our freedom is being takin away whos side would you be on?


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    May 12 2012: We all have the power to voice our opinion to our leaders. Many never exercise that power. It would be a travesty if people chose to go to war without ever having written a letter to their congressman or senator about how to make a better world. I have seen examples of letters written that criticize lawmakers, but no information as to how to provide any positive change. Just because we don't like the present situation, doesn't mean we can't rise above it. We can't keep our thoughts to ourselves and then take up arms because we are put out. I would pray long and hard before I would ever take up a weapon. Should you win, who is going to run the show after you have destroyed so much? If you are not in a position to be a leader now, you won't be in a position to be a leader then either. People invest in ideas worth pursuing. Let's come up with solutions that work before we ever get to this point.
    • May 31 2012: i agree that we should look for other situations but if you look at the situation of our country through the eyes of a high school graduate trying to find out what to do and not wanting to get stuck with debt after going through college just to not have a job unless you are in china and are going to work in a sweat shop or willing to work in a office building (which in my opinion is just as bad) their isnt that many options to look for.
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        Jun 8 2012: Mike,
        By your comment, you are concerned about becoming one of the losers in tomorrow's economy. I don't know what your support structure (family, friends, associates) looks like, or if you have any political affiliations, but this country was founded on a Christian spirit, innovation, and scientific insight.
        What I see happening is that technology is replacing people in the mundane jobs and only those who are visionaries are taking the lead in how technology is unfolding. My father chose a career in which he always saw a need, and he led me in that same direction. He was a carpenter (people were always going to need a place to live), I became a worker and supervisor at an electric plant (people were always going to need electricity). We chose our paths through faith and worked hard at keeping ourselves needed by our employers. My father always said a person who truly wants to work will find it.

        I see many people getting into debt only because it is easy to do. I knew I couldn't afford college, but also knew that an education was important, so I chose the military as my starting point to get an education (either through training or followup programs) and took the best offer available. I managed my money wisely and didn't buy things I could live without until I could afford it. Through faith and hard work, I worked my way to owning my own home and being able to retire with a pension.

        I think that you will find there are more options than you realize. You just don't know about them yet. Put your time and effort into finding out about opportunities rather than preparing for the worst.

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