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what side would you fight on if U.S. got into another civil war?

If the U.S. got into another civil war but this time not againts slavery but the people of the U.S. against the big buissnes men and the government workers on how much our freedom is being takin away whos side would you be on?


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  • May 15 2012: If it comes to that:
    On the side of the citizenry, those who are and were supposed to be protected by the Constitution that corporations, bankers, politicians and the government have almost completely and successfully destroyed.
    Anyone who fights for them, is a Fascist, believes in Totalitarianism and has been more than likely turned into a mental robot, an artificially intelligent, Manchurian Candidate; a puppet.

    At one time people fought and died "over there" because there was a real threat, actively seeking to take over the world. Now, because of the passage of decades, we are emotionally cut off from the truth of fighting to keep our freedoms, well hell, to get them back and because they have "been taken away", they have to be "taken back'.
    Today, however, the fight has to be here, as that is where the monsters reside, where they act as though it is "their country" and they have sole ownership of it.

    "See those people over there? They are terrorists, drug dealers, arm's dealers," or whatever group they can demonize in order to next say:

    "They want to take away your freedoms so in order to protect you, we will take away your freedoms!"

    Voting doesn't work. Only a mental decrepit would believe that. What does that leave? Conditions that require a complete and total commitment in order to preserve America as it was intended to be, which isn't what it now has become.

    Lest you forgot or don't really care, it was founded upon WE, the people, For the people and By the people.
    • May 31 2012: i 100% agree with that answer i feel the same way i feel like the war we are geting into or just got out of is all about oil

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