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Are we able to wrap our mind around infinity?

Infinity. It’s a puzzling concept. Is it real, or a mathematical fiction?
Aristotle believed infinity could only be potential, never actual. To speak of an actual infinity, he argued, is to fall into logical contradiction: “The infinite turns out to be the contrary of what it is said to be,” Aristotle wrote in the Physics. “It is not what has nothing outside it that is infinite, but what always has something outside it.”

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Closing Statement from Mohammad Mohammadipour

Dear All
Thanks for your comments;
And, last but not the least:
Arisen to voiceless unattainable peaks
I meet no end, for all is boundless He,
An absolute Joy the wide-winged spirit seeks,
A Might, a Presence, an Eternity.

In the inconscient dreadful dumb Abyss
Are heard the heart-beats of the Infinite.
The insensible midnight veils His trance of bliss,
A fathomless sealed astonishment of Light.

In His ray that dazzles our vision everywhere,
Our half-closed eyes seek fragments of the One:
Only the eyes of Immortality dare
To look unblinded on that living Sun.

Yet are our souls the Immortal's selves within,
Comrades and powers and children of the Unseen.

Sri Aurobindo(October 1939)
Best Regards.
Mohammad Mohammadipour

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  • May 20 2012: infinity is very real...if you think of time it can only be created by an event,or observation,,,basically if i clap my hand,i create time,,,fake time,but still till...there will time before the time after,,and in the middle when i clap,,is a third time 0..call both times,and the zero a wave,,on its own 0 is a wave particle...dont think of zero as a circle,think of it as empty...would it have a floor,,,not if its 0,,,its infinite because its missing,,,eternity is the small one,,,if you like streching a year over an eternity...do you think youd see it??if you look at this again youd see that infinity and eternity are both absent so why not the same thing??thats because eternity grows,,,so within it it becomes less dense,,eventually evaporating,,,(maybe) infinity condenses and the smaller it gets the denser...a black is an infinity,,,eternity is dark matterr/or space and its so light no one thought it was anything for very long time...
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      May 20 2012: Hi John
      Your brain-storm is an inspiring mess-discussion.
      But..i would like to extract some sentences:
      1..."infinity is very real"...Q: how?
      2...."dont think of zero as a circle,think of it as empty"…Q: did I say "zero" is a circle?..Q: why empty? Do you refer to a specific capacity? Is that the only meaning of zero?
      3,,,"its infinite because its missing",,Q: do you mean it WAS, and it IS not now?
      4…"infinity and eternity are both absent so why not the same thing"?....Q: why the same?
      5..."a black is an infinity"..Q: YES
      6.."eternity grows,,,so within it it becomes less dense,,eventually evaporating..
      7..eternity is dark matterr/or space and its so light"…(6-7) Q:I did not get you?
      • May 21 2012: the singilarity of every totality,,in the totality of every singularity???or is it just me that getsx toungue twisted
    • May 20 2012: "eternity grows,,,so within it it becomes less dense,,eventually evaporating,, infinity condenses and the smaller it gets the denser.

      Eternity = Infinity
      Eternity grows 'for the sake' of Infinity... so they are selfannihilating within itself , self consistent Nothing.
      Did I get it right ? Or at least something :)

      ".there will time before the time after,,and in the middle when i clap,,is a third time 0..call both times,and the zero a wave,,on its own 0 is a wave particle.."

      Could you elaborate on 3 time division ?
      Sounds pretty familiar thou...""Before Abraham was I AM."

      John ! Thank you very much !!!
      • May 21 2012: you got more right than most,,eternity doesnt really equall infinity,,,theyre two opposites,,,but in theory if you wanted to measure both,,,youd never finish,,,as nothing would,,,if one has no floor and one has no ceiling,,,and they both go forever,,,then forever is the same,in that its missing..eternity and infinity dont annihilate each other,,in fact they never meet,,when i say eternity grows it expanding,,as in moving outward,,dont know if it grows,,cause dont know where it ends,,.eternity stretches out,m,while infinity keeps getting smaller...look at 0.0000000....with every zero the line is streched if you stretch a rubber band,only gets thinner ,,,and the space inside that point of infinity becomes denser and heavier,,,the singularity inside a black hole is so small you can even seen it but because whats inside it has been squeezed so much it becomes so heavy light cant escape its gravity,,,for eternity think of the opposite,,ifn you had a chocolate bar and shared it with ten people
        each would get 10%share it with 100, you get 1% share the chocolate with a million..etc..
        now time..any event creates time,,i clap my hand,ive divided time in three parts,,tiome before i clapped time after i clapped and when i didso time is divided two sections divided by three points
        • May 21 2012: "...eternity doesnt really equall infinity,,,theyre two opposites..."

          They are not equal, they are the same, being opposed to each other ...
          sounds good, very good !
          Time and Space never meet, but they are bound together forever...

          You can't meet your own reflection in the mirror, though it mimics all your movements with high precision, it's you,but in reverse.
          And 'you' is always 'missing' , you fix ' you' by illusion.
      • May 21 2012: i hope i answered everything properly,,but you gave me three brain twisters at once,,,.impressive,,,if i went a little off track,,,happy to redo it...wont take as long thios time either
      • May 21 2012: eternity doesnt grow,,,ity stretches into space we cant say it grows because we dont know how big it is,,and its missing,,and eternity doesnt chance,,whatever i going to happen in eternityhas already happened,,because eternity is the absence of time and outside time space is missing...just got
        ab iam between i and b is the big bang,,,but there was only band i...not sure what you mean by 3 time division,,,is that for isolating higgs or(singularity of time)just underastood what you meant,,
        easy _____ to the left is time uninterrupted..a duality oif absolute singularity un measured..in other words its not yet time...say i clap the point of time at which i clapped isa now dividedsone of that time passed before,,and some passed after so on singularityof time becomes one before and one afterin the middle is zero,,,that i now...then you have 1_0_1,,if this is for dr hawking aswell..then 101=0 010=2 0011=01 1100=10,,,every singularity or quanta must be seperated by zero...and its only between two zeros we get 1..0 0 however is infinit so the value of zero cannot be absolute therefore 0=1-0=>0...also 0=-1+0.999...=0
        • May 21 2012: John ! Thanks for responding !

          Could you give me the link of the blog, you've mentioned ?
          Thank you !
        • May 21 2012: We go in time backwards. What we see as future is past, actually neither of those. The only 'real' thing is NOW, but it is not fixed it moves 186,282 miles per second.
          Or maybe faster.
          "... the value of zero cannot be absolute ...."
          for it is interrupted by NOW This is what we call reality. Can we say : if not the eye of the intelligent observer, the value of 0 would be absolute.?
          As it was said : let it be light !
          Does 1_0_1 mean, that only the 'reality' is not 'real' ?
      • May 22 2012: hi natasha this reply not for your last statement but the previous...i love how you connect between science,and philosophy,,,and i must tell you not so long ago i would not have been able to reply,,,youre absolutely right the mind does breakdown the wave particle,,,but its a lighjt particle,,,not infinite,,though we cant see through it...infity and eternity are missing,,,reason for theyre absence is they must be as their absence is what leave behind an infinite or eternal void interfeering with particles as energies...its the void left by infinity,and eternity that creates opposing energy ,,,and the opposable forces of the universe...not many in physics or science,,would confirm this with confidence yet...but i am certain,,,by reaserch,and observation that this is the case...and my aim recently has been to bring this to the attention of other ,with the supporting data to introduce it as accepted theory,,,and it will be,,i spent 10 years on it,,,but seeing the higgs /higgs field interacting with particles,confirmed it to me,,,its what Enstein reffered to as spooky action from a distance...very close to what youre saying,,,but infinity is what carries the particle not the particle itself

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