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Are we able to wrap our mind around infinity?

Infinity. It’s a puzzling concept. Is it real, or a mathematical fiction?
Aristotle believed infinity could only be potential, never actual. To speak of an actual infinity, he argued, is to fall into logical contradiction: “The infinite turns out to be the contrary of what it is said to be,” Aristotle wrote in the Physics. “It is not what has nothing outside it that is infinite, but what always has something outside it.”

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Closing Statement from Mohammad Mohammadipour

Dear All
Thanks for your comments;
And, last but not the least:
Arisen to voiceless unattainable peaks
I meet no end, for all is boundless He,
An absolute Joy the wide-winged spirit seeks,
A Might, a Presence, an Eternity.

In the inconscient dreadful dumb Abyss
Are heard the heart-beats of the Infinite.
The insensible midnight veils His trance of bliss,
A fathomless sealed astonishment of Light.

In His ray that dazzles our vision everywhere,
Our half-closed eyes seek fragments of the One:
Only the eyes of Immortality dare
To look unblinded on that living Sun.

Yet are our souls the Immortal's selves within,
Comrades and powers and children of the Unseen.

Sri Aurobindo(October 1939)
Best Regards.
Mohammad Mohammadipour

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    May 17 2012: Hi Mohammad

    Previous http://www.ted.com/conversations/11315/are_we_able_to_wrap_our_mind_a.html?c=464491

    As you replied : {how do you think about this quesion:

    mathematically speaking, is it possible to find INFINITY1 inside INFINITY2?
    Does it limit INFINITY1?}

    Infinity = unlimited = not limited by.

    INFINITY 1 can be found (as subset) inside INFINITY 2. INFINITY 2 is infinite because INFINITY 2 covers INFINITY 1. At this state, i'd rather call INFINITY 1 as FINITE (LIMITED). INFINITY 1 is limited by INFINITY 2. INFINITY 2 is limiting INFINITY 1.

    INFINITY 2 could be a perfect INFINITE as long as INFINITY 2 is the only existence that covers anything. INFINITY 2 = PERFECT INFINITE = UNLIMITED (NOT LIMITED) BY ANYTHING = COVERS ANYTHING

    Less or more ...
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      May 17 2012: Dear Bernard
      i should really appreciate it if you could read Krisztian's discussion and answer the following questions:

      is it possible to find infinite sets of infinity inside an infinity?
      And now, is it possible to find infinite numbers of infinite universes inside an infinite universe (mind)?
      Please add your comment on the top of the page.
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      May 19 2012: Bernard
      thanks for your comment
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        May 20 2012: Hi Mohammad

        Thank you for this conversation


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