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Ideas on HOW to consume information

What are the faculties we need to process information?

Would making information visual and interactive make up the ingreedients to inspire hunger / motivation for a 'boring' topic?

Are the diseases and toxins in how we consume information things such as adverts and false ideals/unuseful information. How can we learn the skill to filter this out?

I understand that consideration of the production and preparation of information like food could be like createing a nice recipe for the presentation that tantilises the interest of the consumer. But what if we are not the creators?


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  • May 9 2012: I think to register information into your head is to try finding something you can relate it to your own personal experiences or the people you know. Only then it will leave an impression.
    As you suggests, visual learning helps a great deal as well. More visual interaction and less of text makes a topic interesting.
    Or another way is to play a game with yourself or someone else about what you have learned, like asking question (Q&A) and see who scores. :)

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