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What makes me deserving to know the Truth about anything? Does questioning and contemplating make me worthy enough to know?

We are surrounded by great mysteries and questions. At some point in our lives, we have always wondered and questioned ourselves or others. Who are we? Why do we exist? Is there a Divine Power?

Most of us live our life not giving to much thoughts to these philosophical open-ended questions. Some of us seek to get as close as we can to the 'Truth' (if any) by pursuing knowledge by means of science, literature, religion or spirituality. Yet as much as we like to know the answers to them, there is one thing we forget to ask ourselves one question -

What makes us so deserving to know the truth more than others?


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    Mar 12 2011: Interesting question.. I like to believe that everyone deserves to and is worthy enough to pursue knowledge. Any kind of knowledge. I am not sure if there is one sole truth to be discovered but even if there is, I don't think anyone is more deserving than anybody else to know it.

    But yes, there are certain under lying requirements (that anyone can cultivate) to set one self on such a pursuit. Open mindedness, humility and acknowledging change, to name a few.
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      Mar 18 2011: A very thoughtful answer...

      The point of me asking this was because I see around me a world full of diversity - people with different outlooks, beliefs etc. It made me wonder 'How am I to understand the world if I am limited by my own perception?'. So I thought that few ways to knowledge, as you aptly put it, was Open-mindedness, humility, acknowledgement etc.

      However, it raised me another question - Does a loss of subjectivity get to closer to the truth (or truths)? If yes, then our emotions and perception are not something to be felt, but overcome. If yes, then it is as good as saying that objectivism is perhaps the only way to go. Then it's better to be 'Wikipedia' then a 'human being' if one wants to pursue knowledge or truth..

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