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Has Antimatter Been Discovered?

I do not have a lot of information about Antimatter, but i would like to know if anyone knows if it has been discovered or not. In the internet i just hear explanations but not answers like yes or no. If you want to add info. along with the question, feel free to do so.
Mario Çobo

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    May 8 2012: we can manufacture antimatter on demand

    it costs a fortune, the amount is like a few dozen of atoms, and it has to be kept in vacuum, with superconducting magnets keeping them in place. but if you are a multimillionaire, you can have a few atoms of antimatter if you so desire
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      May 8 2012: I have recently seen a scene of a television serial (Fringe) where he used a timed antimatter timed bomb to vanish a building, so i was a little curious about it and its cost. Thanks for the great conservation info. i think i will make good use of it.
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        May 8 2012: well, i doubt anyone has enough money to create a bomb-worth of antimatter anytime soon
        • May 9 2012: Well if world governments came together we could easily create a bomb's worth if people didn't put sanctions on each other for it. Currently if a country wants to create anti-matter the price is $614 trillion dollars for the equivalent of one gram of it
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      May 9 2012: I was wondering if you know of the properties of antimatter. Does it have anti gravity and anti energy? As odd as that sounds I believe it is a fair question. Does antimater push things away instead of attracting them and does it consume energy instead of create it?
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        May 10 2012: we never had the chance to measure it yet. but as the theory goes, antimatter has positive gravity and energy, just like normal matter.
        • May 11 2012: uhhh as the theory goes it has negative energy and no gravity. Just like matter doesn't have gravity. Learn more about the spin particles please
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        May 11 2012: bob, if it had negative energy, annihilation would result in nothing, but in fact it results in gamma photons and neutrinos. and that "does not have gravity" needs further elaboration, since last time i watched gravity existed.
  • May 9 2012: I believe we have a small bank of antimatter in our Van Allen Belt as well:


    Now if we could only build an antimatter Ram Scoop...