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How can we avoid being judgemental?

1.Is being judgemental neccesary a bad thing?
2.How can we avoid being judgemental?
3.It is said that we should not judge the appearance by the book, but doesn't appearance already tells us something about it?

Please share your advices and tips.

Thank you.

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  • May 9 2012: Being Judgemental can be good just in some cases when your doing it to yourself for personal improvement and when your a manager,teacher,boss of certain work , and judging a person job performance and then give feed back to improve

    But juding others like friends,family, coworkers, and others people is incorrect You cant judge without knowing someone background . You dont know if a person have passing to a depression of any kind , or the person maybe be having finacial problems,hant have right education , or be with a disease and ect.
    And about people appearance is still the same. Everything is about background you dont know if that person dress in black cause he or she was child abuse , you cant judge a woman that has ugly hair cause she dont have money to fix it , or a man dont shave cause he just never feel like it
    The best way stop being judgemental is to rember your not perfect neither them
    • May 12 2012: Hi Norma, yes i couldn't agree more. We are not in any way perfect to have the right to judge people we dont know about.

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