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How can we avoid being judgemental?

1.Is being judgemental neccesary a bad thing?
2.How can we avoid being judgemental?
3.It is said that we should not judge the appearance by the book, but doesn't appearance already tells us something about it?

Please share your advices and tips.

Thank you.

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    May 10 2012: Is the following reasonable? Judgmental is to Judging as Racism is to Race Awareness. My point is that Judging is not bad, but being judgemental is bad. Just as racial awareness, which is part and parcel of diversity, is good, while racism is bad. We should not strive to avoid using our ability to judge, but we should make every effort to avoid making flagrant condemnations and unwarranted censures. Good thought, Ms. Sim, thank you.
    • May 12 2012: Hi Edwars, thanks for your helpful comment. In other words, we should make the best of our ability to see beyond instead of just what is on the surface. Do you mean it's not about judging or not judging, its rather more of how should we judge and what do we gain out of the judgement we made?
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        May 12 2012: Yes, Fenni, I believe the power to judge fairly and correctly is a virtue to be sought after. Judging is not a bad thing if it is fair and based on objective fact. I think there is a big difference between showing good judgment (a virtue), and being judgmental (a vice). Thank you.

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