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How internet users have turned out to be internet Addicts.

A lot of people spend most of the time on the internet, in the end leading to many side effects(negative) to their lives ... so if you can possibly justify why the internet has turned most people to neglect there basic day today re-possibilities.

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    Mar 13 2011: With the good comes the bad. The word you are looking for is responsibilities. The internet has not caused people to neglect anything. Those that use the internet might have watched a lot of TV before. But now they control their content, have greater opportunities to learn new things and to talk to people they would have never had the chance to meet before. What would you prefer? To sit under a tree and listen to the same stories told a thousand times by a thousand generations? Or would your rather learn something new from TED?
  • Mar 12 2011: I can only speak for myself. I spend a lot of time on internet due in part to my health issues. Being in touch with friends, gaining knowledge, art work, and a wee bit of mahjong. This is not a negative issue in my life but, but I can see where it could be for others.