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After carrying you and giving you birth, what was the single most significant thing your mother did in your life?

It's almost Mother's Day, I have lots of "moms" in my life, and I really like them all!


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    May 8 2012: When I fell in love with my husband, I told my mother, "Mum, I have a new boyfriend. I met him at the University. He is Turkish."

    In that moment I could see what was going on in my mum's mind: Turkish … , Muslim …, maybe he will treat her badly, maybe my now independent daughter will be suppressed and be forced to wear a headscarf one day…

    The story of Betty Mahmoody and her book "Not without my daughter" was very popular these days. We lived in a small village with very few foreigners, all we knew about Turks and Muslims was what we had seen and read in the media.

    But my mother had always taught us to be careful with prejudices. And that day, she didn't say a single word. She just said, "Okay, I hope I will meet your new boyfriend soon."

    She met him, loved him from the first moment, realized that he is a very nice guy who will always respect me.

    I love her for this moment when she wiped away her worries and prejudices and decided to give him a chance.

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