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is happiness the down fall the man?

The beat of life seems to never stop if you gained the idea of happiness or not,…..but like a magnet we are forced to walk to it or we will be dragged along. They say to happy is buy, they say to be happy you need nothing. Is the thought of it conditioned in us at birth? Even using the model of “Hierarchy of Needs” we find it that it is built in us to go on forever to this deterministic point of life, that we call death. When can we stop looking for it? When can we be free from its chains? Life is perspective so your idea of happy will be different than mine, but none the less it is there itching at you.


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    May 8 2012: I would say the pursuit of happiness is the downfall of [humans]
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      May 8 2012: you got me i should have put the word pursuit in my writing,.........lol.......but i think your stetment is true....

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