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Do you think feminism is becoming a sexist anti-men movement?

Most feminists are being sexist, I admire Tavi's point of view and find that her idea represents the core of what feminism should be. Don't you think?


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  • May 8 2012: I get the feeling that so many feminists have operated with an "us vs. them" mentality that it's become the normal routine to oppose anything and everything that could vaguely be considered unequal between genders. At this point the feminist movement has boiled down to hollow pursuits and hysteria over "the oppressive males".
    • May 9 2012: Do you then hold that only women can be feminists?
      • May 9 2012: Have there been any notable male feminists?
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          May 10 2012: There have been, you just don't know them by name, but can you honestly say that you know the names of notable feminists on the spot? That might give you a feeling for what's wrong with your objection.
      • May 11 2012: In response to Matthieu, Gloria Allred and Mary Shelley are the first to come to mind.

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